Read the articles below to learn about Autoimmunity and Cancer in your pets. Pet cancer prevention is an important subject to be knowledgeable on in order to help your pets live long and healthy lives. Dr. Plechner's research has unveiled many mysteries on the causes of cancer, and he happily shares this information with the world in hopes that it will make the world a better place for humans and animals alike.

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The NaHCO3 Study in Mice in Arizona


NOTE - With any chronic disease process including SARDS, it is vital for you to realize that many monthly, applied or oral insect repellants, are endocrine interrupters that may have helped caused the original disease process and you should absolutely avoid their use.
Please read the article on Dr. Plechner’s Corner of my website entitled, Chemical Insect Repellents and please review the links.
At the very end of the article, there will be listed natural substances that claim to create the same protective results without causing chronic diseases that do not contain endocrine interrupters.
Hopefully this kind of information will help you and your veterinarian treat chronic diseases in your pet that may have been caused by using a monthly insect repellent.

Please remember, the damage that these endocrine interrupters may have caused, can remain permanent even in the face of correcting the endocrine immune imbalance.