Did You Know that Cholesterol is the Precursor for Cortisol?

Posted on May 2nd, 2016

Today’s modern, medical trends, are telling people how damaging elevated amounts of cholesterol can be, for their wellbeing.

However, you have to question, whether cholesterol can go through the necessary, enzymatically changes, for the various intermediary hormones, to become cortisol.

The progression of cholesterol into cortisol, requires proper transfer enzymes between each intermediary hormone, for this to occur.

Many medical practioners, only use intermediary hormones, thinking that they will replace cortisol, but in fact, if the patient does not have proper transfer enzymes present, the intermediary hormones will not be transferred into their final goal, which is cortisol.

It seems as though medical vectors have deemed cortisol, as a bad substance even though it is a natural hormone, secreted from the middle layer, adrenal cortex every, day.

A human or an animal, must produce normal amounts of active cortisol every day of their life, otherwise allergies, autoimmunity and cancer, will happen.

The progression of cholesterol into cortisol is as follows, but only if the proper transfer enzymes, are present:

Cholesterol > Pregnenolone > Progesterone > Cortisol.

If any patients are taking any intermediary hormones and they are not helping, it may be because they do not have the proper, transference enzymes, present.

This can all be factually determined, with proper blood tests

For further information on this subject, please go to on this website, Why Are Intermediary Hormones Being Prescribed, Instead Prescribing, Direct Cortisol Replacements?

If you consider this necessary progression of intermediary hormones, from cholesterol to cortisol, it should make you wonder, if reducing your cholesterol, or taking cholesterol lowering drugs, might also reduce your cortisol level.

If this happens, and both your cholesterol and cortisol are reduced, this will cause the inner layer adrenal cortex, to release damaging amounts of adrenal estrogen.

When this occurs, the elevated adrenal estrogen will cause the following;

1) The thyroid hormones will be neutralized by the production of a Thyroid Binding Globulin (TBG).

2) The B lymphocyte will no longer fulfill its function, in order to protect the body against bacteria and no longer will make specific, protective, antibodies, when vaccines are given.

The B-lymphocyte, will also reduce its production of immunoglobulins (antibodies).

When the production of the mucous membrane antibody, referred to as IgA, is below 58mg/dL in canines and felines, and below 68 mg/dL in humans, malabsorption of many types of oral medications, supplements and steroids, will not occur.

An example of this, is a human in the hospital receiving intravenous antibiotics, improves, but when they are sent home on the same oral antibiotic, they become sick once again, because their IgA level was below 68 mg/dL.

Hopefully the day will come, when an IgA level will be included with every CBC and Blood Chemistry that is performed, so that the healthcare professional will know if what they have sent home as an oral medication, will be able to be absorbed by their patient..

3) The T-lymphocyte will no longer fulfill its function, in order to protect the body against viral infections, fungi and molds, including Candida.

4) The elevated adrenal estrogen, will also cause both the B and T-lymphocytes, to lose recognition of self-tissue, and this is why autoimmunity and cancer may occur.

The next time your healthcare professional wants to reduce you cholesterol level, with diet and or cholesterol lowering drugs, please have your cholesterol and your cortisol measured.

Once you have done this, and your cholesterol is elevated, and diet and medication are indicated, in two weeks, recheck these levels, in order to make sure if lowering your cholesterol may also, be lowering your cortisol.

If your cholesterol level decreases, and your cortisol level remains the same, you definitely want to continue, with the directions that your healthcare professional, has prescribed, for you.

One last thought, for you to think about.

Never accept a cortisol value, based upon the laboratory values, unless the cortisol is deficient.

Otherwise, if the cortisol value is normal or elevated, there is no way to determine, if the cortisol is active or inactive, merely by reading the results.

This is why a total estrogen, is so important to do at the same time you do the cortisol level, otherwise without comparing the cortisol level to the negative feedback mechanism of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis, and measuring total estrogen, there is no way to tell if the actual cortisol is active or inactive.

The main reason why allergies, autoimmunity and cancer are not being more successfully treated, is because cortisol levels are not being identified, for being active or inactive.

Also, only the three ovarian type, estrogens are being recognized and measured.

They are estradiol, estrone and estriole.

Small amounts for these three estrogen are also produced in the skin, brain and fatty tissue, besides the larger amounts, thought to be only produced, by the ovaries.

All three ovarian estrogens can be deficient, and yet a large amount total (adrenal) estrogen can be present.

In this instance, without measuring Total (adrenal) estrogen, and placing the patient on an estrogen supplement, even in the face of an estradiol, estrone, estriole deficiency, could be, fatal.

There is very little recognition, that a large amount of total (adrenal) estrogen will be produced from the inner layer, adrenal cortex,, when the cortisol is deficient or inactive.

I have proven this in over 90,000 animal patients, and over 2,000 human patients.

While on this website, if you would like more information on how this has been applied to human patients, please read, The Results of an Integrative MD Convention, Regarding Dr. Plechner’s Findings for Many Different, Chronic Human, Diseases.

Hopefully this article, will provide you with some important alternatives, if you are not having benificial results, while being treated for allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.


Dr. AL Plechner