Innocent Foods That Are Given to Our Canine Pets During the Holidays May Illicit an Illness

Posted on December 5th, 2016

Today’s canine pets are quite complex as are their diets, and many times are canine pets are even more genetically inbred than we have ever imagined or thought.

My clinical studies including endocrine immune blood tests; have identified the fact that this genetic inbreeding has created a condition that causes the canine pet to have a cortisol deficiency or imbalance in the middle layer adrenal cortex, that creates an elevated amount of adrenal estrogen which may expose the canine pet to many different diseases.

When the amount of adrenal estrogen is elevated, the patient is referred to as being ESTROGEN PROMINENT.

This condition can also apply to humans and is easily proven by measuring total estrogen, which includes adrenal estrogen.

When the canine patient has a larger production of adrenal estrogen, I refer to their condition, as being ESTROGEN DOMINANT.

My clinical studies and endocrine immune blood tests indicate that this condition of ESTROGEN DOMINANCE will cause allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

When either ESTROGEN PROMINENCE or ESTROGEN DOMINANCE are present, feeding “certain thought to be healthy foods”, if they contain plant estrogens, may cause an ESTROGEN PROMINENT canine pet to become ESTROGEN DOMINANT and develop an allergy, autoimmunity or cancer.

There is also a concern that a normal canine pet upon continued eating of foods that contain phytoestrogens may expose that canine pet to becoming ESTROGEN PROMINENT.

Most of us are guilty of adding a supposedly safe “TREAT” to our “best friends” meal, but you and I even with a best intentions, not knowing, may be exposing our “best friend” to a catastrophic disease.

The following is a list of foods that I believe should be avoided due to the fact that they contain plant based estrogens referred to as phytoestrogens. I am sure there are other phytoestrogens in foods that I am not familiar with and have not listed.

Flax seed and all flax seed products

Soy beans and all soy bean products

Textured veggie products


      Sesame seeds and all sesame seed products

Sunflower seeds and all sunflower seed products

Pistachios nuts and all pistachio products

      Walnuts and all walnut products

Chest nuts and all chest nut products

      Miso paste

      Multi grain breads


      Black bean sauce


      Vegy burgers


      Alfalfa sprouts

      Winter squash

      Green beans

      Olives and olive oil


      Dried apricots


      Dried dates

      Dried prunes


I realize this may be a new and different input and there may also be other phytoestrogens offending foods, but when you consider the harm any type of estrogen may cause an ESTROGEN PROMINENCE or an ESTROGEN DOMINANCE canine, deleting or not adding  phytoestrogens to your canine pets diet may be of great value health wise.

For those humans that are also trying to avoid exposure to exogenous types of estrogen, possibly avoiding the above list of phytoestrogens containing foods may also benefit you, if you are suffering from allergies, autoimmunity or cancer.

These are just my thoughts, in hopes of helping your canine pet and you to remain happy and healthy.


Dr. Al Plechner