Important Facts Both Men and Women Should Know About Natural Testosterone Production

Posted on May 18th, 2017

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a masculine hormone that is found both in men and in women.

Several medical studies on the internet indicate that testosterone is usually produced in one area of the body, and travels to other areas of the body and to other organs.

Where is testosterone produced?

It is produced in following areas:

. In the male's testes

. In the female ovaries

. In the adrenal cortex of both sexes

What is the actual purpose of testosterone in males?

. In fetuses it helps their internal organs to grow and develop

. It aids in the development of the male organs

During puberty, it also aids the young male with the following:

. Sperm development

. Deepening of the voice

. Hair development on the pubis, face and axillary regions

. Aggression

Testosterone in women can cause the following:

. Increased sex drive

. It helps with the production of hormones that relate to their

  menstrual cycle

What does testosterone cause in both males and females?

. Stimulates red blood cell production

. It helps with bone density

. It helps with fat distribution

. It helps increase muscular development

What are the signs of low testosterone production in a male?

, Reduced growth of male organs

. Infertility

. Erectile dysfunction

. A build up of stomach fat

. Breast tissue enlargement

. Reduction of the pitch of the voice

. Loss of body hair

. Reduction of musculature

What are the causes for deficient production of testosterone?

. The development of different chronic disease including diabetes

. Alcoholism

. Drug abuse

. Viral diseases

. Trauma to the testicles

. Genetic diseases including the following syndromes:

  • Prader-Willi Syndrome
  • Klinefelder Syndrome
  • Kallman Syndrome

. Diseases and tumors of the hypothalamus

. Diseases and tumors of the pituitary gland

. Abnormal testicular development

In women, what are the clinical symptoms of a testosterone deficiency?

. Decreased sex drive

. Reduction or no menstrual cycles at all are is referred to as


Also in both men and women with a testosterone deficiency, they may exhibit the following clinical symptoms:

. Insomnia

. Memory loss

. Lack of motivation

. Depression

. Difficulty with remembering

What are the clinical symptoms of too much testosterone in a male?

. Increased depth of their voice

. Early puberty

. Increased muscular development

. A definite increase in growth of their male organs

What are the clinical reasons why testosterone levels can become higher than normal?

. The development of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

. Taking anabolic steroids

. Testicular tumors

. Adrenal tumors

What are the clinical symptoms of too much testosterone in women?

. Hirsutism

. Virilization

. Develop a deeper voice

. Occasionally the development of Male Pattern Baldness

What medications that can increase the amount of testosterone?

  • Anticonvulsants
  • Clomiphene
  • Estrogen supplements
  • Barbiturates

What medications and drugs can cause a deficiency in the amount of testosterone?

. Antidepressants

. Marijuana

. Opiods

. Cocaine

. Methamphetamines

What are the various applications used for treating a human with a testosterone a deficiency?

. A topical gel of testosterone

. Patches of testosterone

. Injectable implants of testosterone

. Injections of testosterone

Conrad Lebeau warns that synthetic forms of testosterone have some serious side effects.

He suggested some other more natural forms of testosterone to take.

They are as follows:

. Ginseng

. Pumpkin seeds

. Bee pollen

. Sunflower lecithin

You can find more information on testosterone in the Immune Restoration Handbook at

My main concern with humans that have a testosterone imbalance is determining that they are not having a simple enzymes in their body referred to aromatase, converting their male testosterone and DHEA into estradiol and their female testosterone and androgen being converted into estrone.

This in itself, can not only lower levels of testosterone, but can also help create an estrogen dominant.

For more information on estrogen dominance please Google: Can Estrogen Dominance Affect Thyroid Hormones, with my name

If you are estrogen dominant, you may develop the following clinical signs:

. A loss of control of your immune system

What does this mean? It means that you’re B and T-lymphocytes may not protect you against bacteria, viruses, fungi or mold.

Once you immune system is deregulated, the B and T lymphocytes may lose recognition of  normal body tissue that is referred to as ”self”, which may lead to the development of different autoimmune diseases.

Once your B-lymphocyte production of immunoglobulins (antibodies) is reduced because of the estrogen dominance, and the mucous membrane antibody referred to as IgA is below 68 mg/dL in humans, malabsorption of many medications and supplements will not be able to be absorbed properly through the intestinal wall.

. Elevated amounts of estrogen have been proven to cause

  uncontrolled tissue growth. Cancer?

. Elevated amounts of estrogen have been shown to bind the receptor

  sites of T3 and T4 thyroid hormones and cause a state of

  hypothyroidism, even with the production of normal amounts thyroid

  hormones, which are no longer available for use in the body of the


. Elevated estrogen will cause inflammation of all the endothelial cells

  that line the arteries in your body. Obviously could lead to various

  mental and cardiac diseases, including fatal heart attacks and strokes.

The purpose of suggesting this is that the conversion of masculine hormones into estrogen might produce catastrophic results by merely innocently taking a testosterone supplement.

A suggestion might be while doing this is when you are having your testosterone levels checked originally for a testosterone deficiency, you may want to have your health care professional also check your estradiol, estrone, estriole and total estrogen.

NOTE: My clinical observations indicate that total estrogen only measures only adrenal estrogen in animals and in humans.

This initial test just might indicate there is a safer way to increase your testosterone levels as opposed to taking a testosterone supplement.

In any event, if you take an amount of a prescribed a testosterone supplement, it might be advisable to recheck your original levels to make sure the testosterone supplement has actually increased the amount of testosterone in your bloodstream and has not merely converted the testosterone supplement into some form of estrogen.

I hope you will give careful consideration to these issues, as they proved to be of vital importance for healing diseases and saving lives during my 50 years of trying to find better ways to help my patients.

These are only thoughts from a veterinarian, but I do hope they make sense and may one day, help you avoid a possible medical catastrophe.


Dr. AL Plechner