Posted on April 4th, 2016


The main cause of severe allergies, autoimmunity and cancer in animals and in humans, is due to estrogen, however adrenal estrogen has not been included with the other types of estrogen that are thought, only to exist in major amounts, from the ovaries.

It has been recognized that a small amount of estrogen is produced by the skin, brain and fatty tissue.

The human and veterinary medical laboratories, only recognize three forms of estrogen, which are estradiol, estrone and estriole.

My clinical studies, involving animals and humans, indicates that there can be large amounts of estrogen produced, from the inner layer, adrenal cortex.

This will occur only occur, when the cortisol that is produced from the middle layer adrenal cortex, is either deficient, or inactive and defective.

For many, many years, if a cortisol level appears to be with in the normal ranges of that particular laboratory, the patient is assumed to have normal, active cortisol, which may not be the case.

No matter if the cortisol level is normal or even elevated, if it is not compared to the negative feedback mechanism, to the hypothalamic-pituitary axis, there is no way to determine, if the measured amount of cortisol, is active or inactive and defective.

This can be simply determined, by including total or adrenal estrogen, with the cortisol blood test.

This will also pertain to the measurement of cortisol, which includes 24 hour urine samples and salivary tests

If the adrenal estrogen is elevated, this indicates that the cortisol, is inactive and defective.

Even if the cortisol value is within the normal range or even elevated, if the total estrogen is not also tested for, the animal or human will begin my syndrome that I refer to as ACEIS, which means, Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome.

What will occur with ACEIS, the inactive cortisol will not be recognized by the hypothalamic-pituitary, axis. When this occurs, the hypothalamus will continue producing its Corticotropin Releasing Factor (CRF), which causes the pituitary gland in turn, to release its adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH).

This CRF and ACTH release, requires the middle layer adrenal cortex to release active cortisol, but when the cortisol that has already been released, is inactive and defective, the CRF and ACTH production will continue.

Since the middle layer adrenal cortex cannot respond with active cortisol, the production of CRF and ACTH will continue.

This continued production of CRF and ACTH, will cause the inner layer adrenal cortex to respond, by producing significant amounts of adrenal estrogen.

When this occurs, the following medical problems will happen;

  1. A deregulation of the B and T lymphocytes occurs.
  2. When these cells are deregulated, the following will happen;
  1. The T lymphocyte will not protect the patient against viruses, fungi, molds and Candida.
  2. The B lymphocyte will not protect the patient against chronic, bacterial infections, including many other types of organisms, and will not create protective antibodies, with vaccinations.
  1. The B and T lymphocyte will lose recognition of self-tissue and is a large cause of why, autoimmunity, cancer and early aging, occur.
  2. When the B lymphocyte production of antibody is reduced, due to the elevated adrenal estrogen, what is not recognized just yet, is that in canines and felines, when the mucous membrane antibody, referred to IgA is below 58 mg/dL, malabsorption of many oral hormonal and nutritional supplements, including steroids, will occur. In humans, the IgA level must be at 68 mg/dL or higher for absorption of oral hormonal and nutritional supplements to be absorbed. In this instance, to help correct the problem of malabsorption, long acting injections of steroids can be given in the muscle, in order to bypass the gut, and help reduce the adrenal estrogen, which will allow the IgA to reach a level, when the patient can absorb oral steroids and other nutritional supplements.

NOTE; hopefully the time will arrive, when an IgA level will be included with all general blood tests, because if the IgA is below a certain levels, medications that are sent home for the patient, may not be absorbed.

  1. The elevated adrenal estrogen will also invalidate the use of thyroid hormones. In humans it will cause the production of a Thyroid Binding Globulin (TBG). This is why an animal or human can suffer from hypothyroidism, even if their thyroid hormones are normal.

NOTE: For further information on estrogen-thyroid binding, please go to the internet and type in Metabolic Hypothyroidism, with my name.


The medical profession worries about the effects of elevated estrogen, and yet adrenal estrogen has not been included with their general, hormonal blood tests.

Please realize that elevated estrogen, which includes adrenal estrogen, will cause inflammation of all the endothelial cells that line the arteries in the body.

Please begin to think about all the possible ramification for chronic diseases to occur, besides just allergies, auto immunity and cancer.

Hopefully the day will come, when many different diseases will be checked for ACEIS.

This is also a wonderful preventative test to do, to avoid future medical effects for animals and for humans, and especially for their offspring.

I have been involved with four different laboratories during my 50 years in clinical practice, and have completed over 90,000, endocrine immune blood tests for animals, and I have been involved with over 2,000 human endocrine immune blood tests.

For further information on the Human and Animal Protocols, please go to the internet, with my name.

These are just my thought, and I hope they will help.


Dr. AL Plechner