If you, as a health care professional, have received results from my syndrome, always feel free to contact me for an interpretation.

Please realize that my clinical studies have not been accepted by my peers, even though they do identify the cause of chronic, catastrophic diseases in people and in animals.

If you are only treating the catastrophic effects of various diseases and would like to identify their cause, I may be able to help.

At this time, National Diagnostic Laboratory is the only veterinary laboratory that has the equipment and the knowledge to properly perform Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome (ACEIS) or as the public refers to it as Plechner’s Syndrome however for people, my syndrome test is easily available through human laboratories even though my endocrine immune test has never been done before. If you would like to do this for yourself, please go to this page, both protocols for people and animals are there, including the information for the laboratory that does the test.

My website does contain a number of articles on the cause of various diseases including case studies and before and after test results for your consideration.

The time will always be here for treating the effects of disease, but what may be even more important, is identifying the cause of the disease and correcting it or preventing it.

Please remember prevention will always be the best form of medicine and this test will help avoid future medical problems.

As a veterinary clinician for 50 years, I have had to “look outside the box” to make sure my patients do not end up as a statistic.

Until this happens, thinking outside the box, may be the only way you can successfully treat your patient.

Plechner’s Syndrome is the cause of many catastrophic, chronic diseases and what must be realized, is that the endocrine system regulates the immune system!

Normally the immune system does not function independently.

Its function will be determined by the hormones that the body produces and if those hormones are altered in any way, the immune system will not protect the body and may cause catastrophic diseases to occur.

Before we even begin with this discussion, you need to realize our medical training has provided us with some preconceived ideas that these days may not fit or help our patients and their diseases.

This is definitely not meant to be critical of what we have learned, but rather a possible better medical solution for the future because of our patients changed genetics and our challenging world.

My clinical studies are not being taught in schools of higher medical learning at this time, but hopefully one day they will.

For those that have done my syndrome, please realize the following;

Because there are normal amounts of measurable hormones present on blood tests, does not indicate whether the body can utilize those hormones, unless a comparison of the effects of those hormones are measured, which must include how those hormones regulate the immune system.

Plechner’s Syndrome is a comparative syndrome that will tell you if your hormones are available for you and for your pet to use, and if they are regulating your immune system properly.

If this endocrine immune regulation is damaged, the immune system may not provide its normal protection for the patient, and may lose recognition of self- tissue and begin to make anti-antibodies which may lead to allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

This endocrine immune deregulation may also cause the B lymphocyte to decrease its production of antibody and when the gut related antibody called IgA is below a certain level, oral nutrients, medications and other supplements may not be absorbed.

If you have done Plechners Syndrome, and it was sent to the proper laboratory, if I might help you with the interpretation of the blood test results, I would be more than happy to do so.

Once the blood test results have returned, in most instances, they will reflect a deficient or defective, adrenal cortisol, that the pituitary gland will not recognize.

In turn, the negative feedback between the middle layer adrenal cortex and the pituitary gland are now damaged.

The pituitary gland will continue producing its hormone called ACTH in hopes that the middle layer adrenal cortex will produce viable cortisol which it cannot.

In this case, the pituitary’s excess production of ACTH will cause the inner layer adrenal cortex to respond by producing excess adrenal estrogen and androgen.

When this happens as mentioned before, the elevated estrogen deregulates the immune system and causes the B and T lymphocytes to not only lose sight of self- tissue and may cause allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

At this same time, the immune system will also lose not their protective abilities for the body in general.

The elevated adrenal estrogen will also bind the thyroid receptor sites, and causes the B cell production of antibody to decrease.

When this happens, if the B cell production for the mucous membrane antibody (IgA) is below 58 in a dog or cat and below certain levels in human patients, absorption of many oral supplements, including steroids, nutrients, supplements and replacement medications may not occur, as mentioned once before.

This is why a steroid injection may be necessary to bypass the gut, reduce the pituitary ACTH input on the adrenal production of estrogen, which in turn will allow the immunoglobulins, especially the mucous membrane antibody called IgA, to return to normal and allow absorption from the gut to once again occur.

Have you ever heard of or experienced a situation where you or your pet were in the hospital and while on an IV antibiotics seemed to be better however when either one of you were sent home on the same antibiotic, it failed?

This may have been because no one measured IgA to see if you or your pet can absorb oral medication!

I personally believe, based on past experience, an IgA level should be included with every routine blood test for every patient, because without measuring an IgA level, what you prescribe may never be absorbed and utilized by your patient.

If these are the results that you have identified with the endocrine immune imbalance, and the IgA is below 58 in a dog or cat, a combination of a short acting fluorinated steroid in combination with a long acting steroid may be indicated.

One to three intramuscular injections may be indicated at a 10 day interval, depending on how low the IgA level is.

This is definitely something I can help you with if you do have any questions.

If after the first injection, an increase in drinking water or an increased appetite occurs, delete the fluorinated steroid from any further injections.

Once the IgA level in a dog reaches 58, oral Medrol may be indicated 10 days after the last injection.

Cats seem to do better with daily Prednisolone however there will always be acceptions.

Whether the thyroid hormone levels are normal or deficient, the elevated estrogen levels will bind their receptor sights and render their hormone production unavailable to the body and may cause any daily steroid supplement not to be broken down in 24 hours by the liver and excreted by the kidney, thus causing possible damage to the body.

This is one of the medical fears of using steroid therapy in the face of a natural steroid imbalance, is because without realizing that if total estrogen is elevated, thyroid supplement is vital to in order to maintain a physiological amount of steroid replacement.

Once the estrogenic, thyroid blocked, receptor sites are available for use by the body, why is thyroid therapy still continued?

Continued thyroid therapy will increase the liver and kidney metabolism, so that in 24 hours, the steroid supplement will remain physiological and not have a residue remain which will eventually may create a harmful, pharmacological steroid level.

This seems to work in a similar manner in people however in a person with an elevated total estrogen, a Reverse T3 blood test is indicated because if this condition is present, giving a person only a T4 supplement may be turned into more Reverse T3 which will further encroach upon a person with a thyroid imbalance and they will not improve.

In this case, a T3 supplement might work better for that particular patient.

For further information please go to my website and read Metabolic Hypothyroidism.

If what I have found is not realized, and an estrogenic hormone replacement is given to a human or patient without measuring total estrogen and providing the proper thyroid supplements, women given various estrogenic compounds or hormones will not be broken down in 24 hours and allow for an estrogenic buildup to occur.

This may be why in 2 to 3 months of taking an estrogen supplement, an estrogenic overdose may occur causing many different types of cancer.

In a human, if the IgA is decreased below a certain level, please realize that a special steroid injection should be suggested by your health care professional until your IgA reaches a certain level and oral steroid absorption can occur.

Since cortisone acetate was misused in high levels in human patients, it has been labeled the X Substance from 1946!

Often other hormones besides “cortisone” are stringently avoided even though it seems not be recognized that humans and animals need to produce 30 to 35 units of natural cortisol daily from their middle layer adrenal cortex daily if they are to remain healthy.

Did you realize that the precursor of cortisol is cholesterol?

Did you also realize it takes five different enzymatic cycles to convert cholesterol to cortisol and if you or your animal lack any of these enzyme cycles, cholesterol will not go to pregnenolone, to progesterone, to prednisolone and to cortisol.

For more information, please go to www drplechner.com and under Specific Diseases please read about “A Similar Animal Model to CAH and PCOS”.

Please realize the Plechner Syndrome is merely a clinical tool that allows for measuring the cause of many chronic, catastrophic diseases and may be funded by Eastern medicines with herbs and other natural substances or by any other means including Western synthetics.

The importance of this basic syndrome is that it will indicate to you if your therapy is working or not.

If this makes any sense to you and I can help, please contact me. These are only my thoughts however the world is beginning to listen.