1. Try to use diets that are limited to one type of protein and one type of carbohydrate only. If you are worried about weight gain in your pet, please remember dry food normally has three times the calories of wet food.
  2. Foods definitely to avoid, based on their increased amounts of phytoestrogens or xenoestrogens.
    • All soy bean products
    • All flaxseed products
    • Sweet potatoes if not organic.
    • Apples if not organic.
    • Carrots if not organic.
  1. Krill (plankton) Supplements
    • This is mainly used for pets that have SARDS and other diseases of the eye. Krill contains much less mercury, if any, as opposed to most fish oils.
    • Krill contains Astazanthin that is used to treat retinitis, chorio-retinitis and macular degeneration in humans and in animals.
  2. Digestive enzymes (trypsin)
    • Many canines have an exocrine, enzymes deficiency from the pancreas and the production of trypsin, which many times is not recognized. Visually it will manifest itself with curved wrists in the front of the canine and a slightly lateral direction for the rear paws, referred to as being cow hocked. This structural imbalance occurs due to a lack of absorption of calcium in the young canine and creates lengthened ligaments. This is one reason why older canines tend to rupture their anterior cruciate ligaments, based upon their malabsorption of calcium.
    • Proteins will also not be digested properly and the canine more easily absorbs carbohydrates which can lead to unnatural weight gain.
    • Based upon this imbalance, a sludging effect also occurs with all the fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K. This sludging effect will not only cause a vitamin deficiency, but will stop proper absorption of oral hormone supplements identified by Plechner’s Syndrome.
    • To fund a trypsin deficiency, Rainbow Light makes a vegetarian based capsule called Advanced Enzyme Systems for humans that works exceptionally well for canines. Most health food stores carry this product, otherwise it is available at
  3. All oil based supplements and vitamins need to be avoided at least until the endocrine immune imbalance has been corrected.
  4. Living Clay (calcium montmorillinite) is a natural supplement created by the earth, which contains a very strong negative ion, that helps humans and animals in many different ways. The following are some of the important characteristics that the Living Clay will provide:
    • Absorption
    • Neutralizes toxins
    • Neutralizes radiation
    • Chelates out heavy, damaging metals
    • Provides a complete complement of chelated trace minerals.
    • Creates an alkaline PH in the body which not only helps stop the growth and spread of cancer cells, but also modifies the tissue affected by MRSA, so MRSA cannot live, grow and spread in an altered PH environment.

    For more information on these characteristics, please go to Books by Dr. Plechner, there is a book titled Living Clay Can Help Your Pet Live Better.

  5. Immune Modulators

Natural Immune Modulator therapy is a very important, effective and safe method for pets and humans to improve their ability to combat acute and chronic health conditions.

Immune modulators, including medicinal mushrooms, turmeric and colostrum (transfer factors), along with other sources of naturally occurring substances, have been used for thousands of years. In the past 50 years, many research projects have been designed to prove the scientific basis that explain why and how these natural substances are utilized by the body of the patient. As with most problems, we can often look to nature for the answers to health challenges, if only we look.

Veterinary Immune Tabs are produced by Ramaekers Nutrition in Santa Cruz, California and is a patented immune supplement supported by more than 40 years of veterinary experience and research. The broad-based, positive effects that these products provide for better immune function, coincide with the concepts and desired results, when treating Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome (ACEIS). NOTE: The public refers to ACEIS, as Plechner’s Syndrome.

Immune Modulator supplements are recommended for the overall improvement in   health and to enhance the outcomes of ACEIS therapy. Unlike medications, Immune Therapy should and can be used in the disease free patients for prevention to promote the overall level of Health &Wellness. The following are just some of the health problems that this immune modulator is used for:

  • Allergic dermatitis
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Cancer
  • Viral and bacterial diseases
  • Improved reproductive performance

By properly treating the Endocrine Immune Imbalance, it allows the patient to regain their normal genetic immune function and therefore properly respond to these various diseases. By including this immune modulator, the immune system will respond even more effectively. Research shows a 400% increase in immune system response and function.

It is our experience by including this immune modulator, the patient will definitely achieve better health and immune performance. This is partly due to the other absolutely essential nutrients present in the supplement, which are often lacking in most diets for pets, and the medicinal mushrooms, transfer factors and turmeric.

Identifying the Endocrine Immune Imbalance and using this immune modulator will complement each other's effect on physiology and create better health for humans and for our pets.

For further information please contact:

Dr. Bill Burlingame
cell: 425-330-7171

  1. Probiotics

In today’s altered environment, it has become vitally important to use a probiotic to replace the damaged strains of friendly bacteria, fungi and yeast that are necessary to maintain good health, in all intestinal tracts of humans and animals, especially if they have been damaged by endocrine immune imbalances.

50 years ago, when I first began veterinary practice, probiotic replacement was NEVER as important as it is, now.

I have found once the ACEIS endocrine immune imbalance has been identified, and the IgA level of protective antibody has been corrected, this selective probiotic, will make a difference.

I have found that this probiotic, under the name of PawBiotics™, accomplishes all the important criteria that I find necessary, to keep my patients healthy and happy, whether they are perfectly normal or have my endocrine immune imbalance.

For further information on this subject, please go to

These are my suggestions to help enhance any endocrine immune treatment imbalance for ACEIS, which is the Cause of allergies and autoimmune diseases including, SARDS and cancer, in animals and in humans.

I hope this will help your pet live a happier, healthier, longer life.


Dr. AL Plechner