By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

The roll of estrogen, as it relates to inflammation and the cause of catastrophic diseases in humans and animals is finally being realized.

Elevated estrogen and its cause of inflammations of all the endothelial cells that line the walls of all the arteries in the body are now being looked at for many different medical disorders.

There is a medical concern that the elevated estrogen may be the leading cause of heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer disease, cancer and many other kinds of catastrophic autoimmune diseases.

Unfortunately total estrogen is not usually measured.

Only ovarian estrogen is being measured in females and estradiol is only being measured in males.

What is not realized is that many tissues produce estrogen including the inner layer adrenal cortex and are thought not to be measured in the routine estrogen test that is done.

In female humans, estrogen measurements only include the 3 ovarian hormones and only estradiol from males that have no ovaries.

Where is this male estrogen coming from including total estrogen from females?

Testing estrogen in a female dog or cat seems very simplistic since these animals normally have their ovaries removed or have no ovaries in the first place, yet they still develop catastrophic diseases based on elevated total estrogen.

Since their ovaries are gone, why do female dogs still have elevated estrogen and why do male dogs have elevated estrogen even though they have on ovaries?

In woman, when they become post menopausal, their estradiol levels may become deficient.

Often an estrogen supplement is prescribed.

This is fine if the total estrogen is deficient, than estrogen implementation may be indicated.

However if total estrogen has not been measured and the total estrogen is high and their estradiol is low, by giving this patient an estrogen supplement may cause allergies, autoimmunity, cancer including osteoporosis.

An estrogen supplement should never be prescribed to a patient until total estrogen has been determined.

If you are post menopausal your total estrogen can be checked any time.

If you are still menstruating then your total estrogen should be checked at possibly at the end of your first week of your menstrual cycle when your ovarian estrogen should be the lowest and again when your estrogen is at the highest depending on your cycle.

The difference between the two estrogen levels relates to a difference between ovarian and adrenal estrogen.

I personally have been involved with several autoimmune and cancer patients, whether animals or humans, that have normal ovarian estrogen levels in female humans and a normal estradiol levels in males and in both female and male total estrogen levels are not done, their health care professionals would have found that their patients are producing very high levels of total estrogen as opposed to the levels they received from their laboratories.

The second major problem is concerning total estrogen and other hormones and antibodies, and the lack of realization that if the serum sample is not kept in a refrigerated state until it has been analyzed all levels of hormones and antibodies will be falsely high.

The day eventually may come when a temperature strip may be necessary to accompany every serum sample to insure that the temperature of the sample does not elevate to the room temperature before the laboratory equipment is allowed to produce accurate levels.

Trust me, if samples of serum tests for hormones and antibodies are collected by the laboratory and they are analyzed by them at one time please ask how the samples are stored before they are analyzed?

Most laboratories will collect the samples and keep them in a batch before they are actually processed.

Even if they refrigerate them, many laboratories will uncork the sample which will allow for dehydration to occur which allows for higher incorrect results.

Our environment has totally changed as have our eating habits.

There are foods that contain natural estrogens that are called phytoestrogens that might add to the misery of a total estrogen dominate patient.

There is also some thinking that possibly these kinds of phytoestrogens may occupy the receptor sites for the other types of estrogen and either help or possibly add to the elevated total estrogen.

Xenoestrogens also may cause problems even though they are only estrogen mimickers and will not be measured by the total estrogen test.

These types of estrogen mimickers come from plastics, toxins, chemicals, insecticides etc.

Many more articles that discuss these problems are available under the article buttons on this website which is

Please realize that all your health care professionals are trying very hard to help you and your animal and to make a proper diagnosis based upon the laboratory analysis they need to interpret, will be very difficult for them to do when in all reality, the laboratory tests may be incomplete or invalid due to improper handling of the blood test.

This must be very frustrating not only for the professional but also for their patient that is suffering.

There is a cause for catastrophic diseases in people and animals.

As a “plain wrap” veterinarian, I am only trying to show the world, the cause of catastrophic diseases as opposed to only their effects.

Treating the effects may help, but identifying the cause will definitely add to proper treatment for the patient and also help avoid a reoccurrence of the original problem.

The health care professionals need to realize that the endocrine system regulates the immune system.

Health care professionals are so specialized these days many of the professions know everything about their “specialty tree” but very little about the forest.

Other articles are available on this website to show you how to determine a possible imbalance in you or your animal and how to help you and your animal regain a healthy life.

These are only some of my thoughts.

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