Dr. Plechner at this point, with his two bulging lumbar discs. will no longer be available to help you in person..

He is so upset about not being able to help you and your pet. but he has no choice, based upon the pain he is experiencing.

Please contact for a viable referral.

He loves what he has been allowed to do, in order to help his patients, whether for animals or for humans, for the past 50 years..

Hopefully, the day may come when Dr. Plechner will be allowed to help animals and humans, once again.

Dr. Plechner is suffering quietly, but hoping and praying, that he will be given the opportunity once again, to help the world of animals and help the world of humans. 

His final message for you and your pet is, please believe in yourself, your neighbor and your country, because after all, we live in the greatest country in the world, and whatever I may have been allowed to create medically, may not have been allowed, elsewhere.

We live in the greatest country in the world, and thank you letting me help.


Dr. A. J. Plechner.

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