What Foods are Important to Avoid in Order to Help My SARDS Dog?

Posted on October 17th, 2016

All SARDS dogs produce a deficient or non-functional cortisol that will allow for the production of elevated amounts of adrenal estrogen, measured by the veterinary laboratories, as total estrogen.

It is the elevated adrenal estrogen that deregulates the immune system, which causes the SARDS.

Various foods are usually not thought about as adversely affecting a SARDS, dog’s vision, however an improper diet will definitely interfere with the return of vision in a SARDS dog and MUST be taken into consideration.

If you would like to determine a proper diet to feed your SARDS dog, you must try to avoid the following types of foods;


   Phytoestrogens, are foods that contain plant estrogens that add to the adrenal

   estrogen, overload.

   Any food that contains soy or flaxseed products, should be totally avoided.

   For a complete list of foods and amounts of phytoestrogens that are included in

   In most foods, please go to www.drplechner.com or the internet and New

   Information on Exact Quantities of Phytoestrogens (plant estrogens), that are

   Contained in the Foods We Eat and Feed Our Pets.


   Xenoestrogens are chemical mimicking estrogens that will add to the adrenal

   estrogen overload, but will not be measured in the total estrogen and can be

   very damaging and very insidious.

   Unfortunately, xenoestrogens are found throughout many different household

   products that end up in our food and in the food we feed our pets.

  For more information on household products and xenoestrogens, please go to

  www.drplechner.com or the Internet and read Be Aware of the Dangers of

  Household Products That Might Cause You, Your Family, and Your Family Pet

Major Health Problems.

For further information on xenoestrogens, please go to www.drplechner.com or

the Internet and read Are Xenoestrogens Included in Total Estrogen?

Because xenoestrogens are so insidious to detect and hard to avoid, I have found

that by taking oral nutritional clay daily, for you and your family, including your

family pet, the nutritional clay with its very strong negative ion, will neutralize

the xenoestrogens.

This is an all-natural product that is definitely a product we should consider

taking now and in the future; to help avoid the health issue created by our toxic


For more information on the benefits of nutritional clay, please go to

www.deplechner.com and under books, there is a book called How Living Clay

Can help Your Pet Live Better. It is a free E-Book that will provide you with all

the information about the benefits of using nutritional clay.


  There are numbers of very healthy vegetables that unless steamed or cooked,

  will bind the amino acid tyrosine; which is necessary for the production of

  thyroid hormones.

  If the thyroid function for a SARDS patient becomes deficient, the metabolism

  of the liver and kidneys will also become reduced and the proper breakdown

  and excretion of the elevated adrenal estrogen will not occur. This will allow

  for a total estrogen buildup; which will cause the SARDS blindness to continue.

  To learn more about which foods may cause a thyroid deficiency, please go to

  www.drplechner.com and read Common Foods That May Suppress Thyroid

  Function in You and Your Pet.

  For more general information on healthy foods to feed your pet in general;

  please go to www.drplechner.com and read about Foods and Supplements That

  are Important Compounds to be Aware of, in Order to Correctly Treat Atypical

  Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome.

  The purpose of this article is to point out to you, the subtleties that are not often

  realized, even with proper endocrine immune supplementation, and if they are

  not taken into consideration they may stop vision from returning to your

  SARDS dog.

  Please be AWARE.


  Dr. AL Plechner