Food and Supplements That are Important Components to Be Aware Of

Posted on January 27th, 2017

*SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome) UPDATE

Unfortunately, since I have had to retire from my veterinary practice in California because of an injury, my son has asked me to live with him and his family in Idaho. Because I am not licensed in Idaho, by law, I am not allowed to consult or even share my opinions with you, which is unfortunate.

For those pet owners that do have canines that are afflicted with SARDS, I have included the following articles, which should help your veterinarian decide on a proper treatment for this autoimmune disease.

However, if your veterinarian feels unqualified to treat SARDS, please contact National Veterinary Diagnostic Services for a possible referral at

SARDS is an autoimmune disease, and the sooner that SARDS is diagnosed and treated, the better the chances for sight return. Conversely, the longer it takes to properly diagnose and treat a SARDS patient, the better the chances for permanent retinal damage that may not be correctable.

It is important to understand that SARDS is an autoimmune disease, which comes from an imbalance of both the endocrine and immune systems. Even if it might be too late for the treatment to provide for eye sight to return, if it is left uncorrected, other autoimmune diseases and cancer may occur.

Hopefully this information will help you keep your pet healthy, happy and live a long, successful life.

I wish you and your pet, the very best.


Dr. AL Plechner


  • Try to use diets that are limited to one type of protein and one type of carbohydrate only. If you are worried about weight gain in your pet, please remember dry food normally has three times the calories of wet food.
  • Foods definitely to avoid, based on their increased amounts of phytoestrogens or xenoestrogens.
  • All soy bean products
  • All flaxseed products
  • Sweet potatoes if not organic.
  • Apples if not organic.
  • Carrots if not organic.

           3)  For more in depth information about nutrition, please read the following

                            Articles, listed on this website;       

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                       M.  Pet Foods Created by Dr. Plechner.



Please realize that the supplement business, financially is huge, whether what you buy is real or not.

Please read the label closely, and if there are no facts, please call the manufacturer.

Please also realize, that any foreign product you buy, or even American, and are included in American products, all they have done, is tried to increase their profits, and have sold out to using foreign ingredients that may be cheaper, but they can cause problems, and should be avoided.

American pet owners and their pets, have been used by foreign countries as an income center, with flawed products that are cheaper.

Please do not be fooled, because the life you may save, will be your own,  and also, the life of your pet.

   1) Krill (plankton) Supplements.

This is mainly used for pets that have SARDS and other diseases of the eye.

Krill contains much less mercury, if any, as opposed to most fish oils.

Krill contains Astazanthin that is used to treat retinitis, chorio-retinitis and macular degeneration in humans and in animals.

Unlike Ocu-Glo, I krill oil does not contain soy and flaxseed, that are both high in phytoestrogens.

This is definitely intended to stop the use of Ocu-Glo, but to let you know if your pet has an elevated, adrenal estrogen,  this may not be the product you want to use, even if it has been recommend by your veterinarian.                     

  • Digestive enzymes (trypsin).

Many canines have an exocrine, enzymes deficiency from the pancreas and the production of trypsin, which many times is not recognized. Visually it will manifest itself with curved wrists in the front of the canine and a slightly lateral direction for the rear paws, referred to as being cow hocked. This structural imbalance occurs due to a lack of absorption of calcium in the young canine and creates lengthened ligaments. This is one reason why older canines tend to rupture their anterior cruciate ligaments, based upon their malabsorption of calcium.

Proteins will also not be digested properly and the canine more easily absorbs carbohydrates which can lead to unnatural weight gain.

Based upon this imbalance, a sludging effect also occurs with all the fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K.

This sludging effect will not only cause a vitamin deficiency, but will stop proper absorption of oral hormone supplements identified by Plechner’s Syndrome.

To fund a trypsin deficiency, Rainbow Light makes a vegetarian based capsule called Advanced Enzyme Systems for humans that works exceptionally well for canines. Most health food stores carry this product, otherwise it is available at

  • All oil based supplements and vitamins need to be avoided at least until the endocrine immune imbalance has been corrected.
  • Nutritional Clay (calcium montmorillinite) is a natural supplement created by the earth, which contains a very strong negative ion that helps humans and animals in many different ways.

The following are some of the important characteristics that the Living Clay will provide:

      • Absorption
      • Neutralizes toxins
      • Neutralizes radiation
      • Neutralizes xenoestrogens which are more common now.   
      • Chelates out heavy, damaging metals
      • Provides a complete complement of chelated trace minerals.
      • Creates an alkaline PH in the body which not only helps stop the growth and spread of cancer cells, but also modifies the tissue affected by MRSA, so MRSA cannot live, grow and spread in an altered PH environment.

For more information on these characteristics, please go to and under Books by Dr. Plechner, there is a book titled Living Clay Can Help Your Pet Live Better.

  • Paw Biotic is the most efficient and complete probiotic available today, and it does not contain enterococcus facile, which in humans can cause a number of unhappy side effects, including antibiotic resistance.

If you are interested in providing the best probiotic for your pet, please go to their website for more information.

  • Veterinary Immune Tablets

These tablets are the most completely diverse and potent Immune Modulating product available.

It has been used extensively to support patients with ACEIS and to markedly enhance immune function to both sick and healthy pets, in order to prevent cancer and other diseases, involving the immune system.

The product contains Transfer factor (colostrum extract), medicinal mushrooms and turmeric/curcumin, along with the essential support nutrients to the normal cells of the whole body, in order to allow peak performance

  • For more information of this product, please go to or you can e-mail him directly at

           7)  Terra Oceana

                  Along with all the important facts that will affect your pet’s potential

                  Immune Imbalance, I cannot express enough of the importance

                  for proper and effective, supplementation.

                  With all the marketing hype, involving available supplements, It is

                  difficult to asses, which products to use that are safe, and will actually

                  produce  good results.

                  Therefore, I wanted to remind those of you who are new to my studies,

                  since 1975, I have worked with my friend and colleague Alexis Ells.

                  Her company is called Terra Oceana, and her creative products have

                  been featured in my books,  as well as  documented by National

                 Geographic magazine.

                 I would like to recommend her following products that are not only

                 very important for animals, but are also very important for humans;

                 . Power Plant Digestive Enzymes for;

                        Malabsorption, maximum digestion and a trypsin deficiency

                 . Pure Probiotic for;

                        Enhanced immune health, IBS, and after prolonged uses of


                 . Probiotic and Ionized Minerals   for;

                        Heavy metal neutralization and chelation

                 . Whole Foods with Vitamin C for;

                        Immune support, anti-inflammation, and enhances absorption of

                        other, key nutrients

                 . Power for Life. Its uses are as follows;

                        Organic whole food powder that provides for all the vitamins,

                        minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids,

                        antioxidants, and plant based nutrients, referred as phytonutrients

               Correct assessment of your pet’s immune health, proper supplements,

               quality water, and food, proper exercise, and with your love, these are

               the key elements that are necessary to provide for your pet,  with a

               healthy, life.

               For further information on all the Terra Oceana products that are

               Available, for both you and your pet, please go to either


               or call, 805-640-9429








These are my suggestions to help enhance any endocrine immune treatment imbalance for ACEIS, which is the Cause of allergies and autoimmune diseases including, SARDS and cancer, in animals and in humans.

I also recommend providing all these supplements for any pet, merely to enhance a healthy future.

I hope this will help your pet live a happier, healthier, longer life.


Dr. AL Plechner