Flea, Tick and Heartworm Repellents…SARDS

Posted on September 5th, 2013

With the sudden increase in the numbers of SARDS patients that are now being reported, I am concerned that flea, tick and heartworm repellents that contain Ivermectin or any associated chemicals, may add to or may be the cause of SARDS. As a side effect, Ivermectin is known to cause blindness in dogs, and may create an endocrine immune imbalance that will cause or add to the SARDS issue. I would suggest never using any products that contain these chemicals if you have a SARDS dog.

Please realize if this chemical can alter the endocrine immune homeostasis in the body and can create the autoimmunity that causes SARDS, as an animal owner, please also be concerned that this chemical may be the cause and reason why the incidence of allergies, other autoimmune diseases and cancer are on the rise.

Please also realize that there are other monthly chemical insect repellants that may also alter your pets endocrine immune wellbeing.

Research indicates that the use of the chemical fipronil can reduce the production of active thyroid hormone thus reducing your pets ability to breakdown and excrete various chemicals, supplements and medications, besides altering their endocrine immune homeostasis.

Products that contain spinosad, spinetoram and milbemycin oxide all may cause blindness, neurological disease and death besides being involved with causing many other chronic, catastrophic diseases.

For your own edification, please Google some of these chemicals to realize all their bad side effects and then do what you should do with anything you take or give to your pet, READ THE LABEL!

Now that you are aware of these problems that these monthly flea, tick and heartworm repellent chemicals may cause, please ask your veterinarian to suggest a safe alternative.

These are just my thoughts and I hope they help and keep your pet healthy.