Have You Ever Wondered Why In Vitro Fertilization Did Not Work?

Posted on June 27th, 2016

Certainly there are certain genetic defects that will never allow prospective parents to create an offspring, however there are other endocrine immune, imbalances that can be identified and corrected, and will help parents to produce normal offspring.

For normal, implantation to occur, it depends on a normal regulation of the endocrine system that regulates the immune system that will also provide a normal endometrium that will allow for healthy, zygote implantation.

The elevated adrenal estrogen will cause the B-lymphocyte to reduce its production of immunoglobulins, and this occurs, the mucous membrane antibody referred to as IgA, will be deficient in the endometrium.

When this happens, the endometrium will become inflamed and congested because of this IgA imbalance, and the inflammation and disruption of the endometrium, will not allow for proper implantation..

The medical world is only checking for ovarian estrogens, which are estradiol, estrone and estriole.

There is no recognition, that huge amounts of adrenal estrogen may be present, due to a cortisol imbalance.

When this imbalance is in place, and in vitro fertilization is performed, implantation will usually not occur.

It is realized, that after an exciting evening occurs, to stop pregnancy and implantation from occurring, injectable or oral estrogen is given.

Please think about this, and realize, that adrenal estrogen has never been considered, or even, measured, and when it is elevated, even a night after unprotected sex occurs, a pregnancy may not happen.

Doing a zygote transplant, at the time when the ovaries are the least active, does make sense, however if the adrenal estrogen is elevated, implantation will not occur, until the adrenal estrogen, is reduced.

Reducing adrenal estrogen is very simple, once the adrenal estrogen has been, recognize, and identified.

For further information on this subject, please go to the internet for an article in my Compendium, or Infertility, in Dogs, with my name.

If you have completed all the various procedures that guaranty invitro fertilization and pregnancy has not occurred, in my opinion, are a list of the following, simple blood tests, that need to be done

Please, realize these are only simple blood tests that can be included with the regular blood test that are being done anyway, by your fertility expert.

I promise, I will show you a better way, if all else has failed, unless you have inherited an uncorrectable gene, which your reproductive professional, has already, identified.

The following are the tests I would recommended;


Total Estrogen









Reversers T3




These only my simple thoughts, as a veterinarian,

My findings do work, and if there is anymore, you need to know, please feel free to contact me.

I have found a better way, and I only hope the medical world one day will listen.

Please know, there is a better way, and if I can help you find that better way, it will be my pleasure to help.

As a Healer, I will never accept a patient dying from a statistic that the medical books dictate, but I would rather have my patient live, by something that the medical book do not know or understand.

Trying to find this difference, does not come from brilliance, but rather from caring more, and please realize, our world is changing and we must also change, in order for us to adapt and live.


Dr. Al Plechner