This section includes only a few of my past research publications from almost 40 years ago. Hopefully these older publications will indicate the history of my 50 years of clinical studies in trying to identify the cause of catastrophic diseases in animals and in their owners.

To view any of my past publications in human journals, please Google Dr. Plechner and Medical Hypothesis, Townsend letter and Journal of Toxicology.

It has been a long journey for me, but a very worthwhile one, as long as my clinical findings are used to help you and your pet.


Dr. AL Plechner

Endocrine Immune Surveillance - Pulse 1978

Canine Immune Complex Diseases - Modern Veterinary Practice 1976

Theory of Endocrine Immune Surveillance - California Veterinarian 1979

Preliminary Observations Endocrine Immunodeficiencies - 1979

Food Induced Hypersensitivity - 1977

Food Mediated Disorders - California Veterinarian 1978

Food Induced Chronic Hepatic Disease

Canine Nutrition - Pet Age 1983

New Procedure For Allergy Testing

NOTE: This was the most accurate blood test ever developed to identify food sensitivities in humans, dogs and cats. Unfortunately, the FDA decided this test should not be done for humans, which abruptly ended my providing Cytotoxic Food Testing for dogs and cats!

Broda Barnes Powerpoint Lectures

Welcome to the Genetic Ice Age in Animals

Lecture Two

An Unsuspected, Under Diagnosed Endocrine

Animal Protocol

Human Protocol