I am now, retired an unlicensed, and by law, not allowed to consult any longer.

My website contains 434 articles, which mainly deal with the cause of many different diseases in animals and in people, as opposed to merely dealing with the effects of these different diseases.

Todays’ medicine, often mainly deals with the effects of these diseases and not their cause.

Please feel free to use any of the information in these articles, but please realize that you and your health care professional must be responsible for the use of any information contained in these article

The actual blood tests for animals and for humans, can be found on the internet with my name, under Animal Protocol, or Human Protocol.

For animals, National Veterinary Diagnostic Services is the only veterinary laboratory available, to do this kind of testing.

NVDS can be e-mailed at info@national-vet.com. also for practitioners that are routinely using the information, that occurs in these articles.

For humans, LabCorp seems to be the best human laboratory to use at this time.

Most human laboratories are not doing total estrogen, which when elevated, is key to the development many different diseases, including allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

Hopefully my 50 years of clinical studies will be of value to you and your pet, and will allow you both, to live a happier, healthier, longer life.


Dr. AL Plechner