Client Testimonial

Posted on June 22nd, 2016

Here is a wonderful, heartfelt testimonial from one of Dr. Plechner’s Clients:


"Dr. Plechner came to our assistance for our miniature English Bull Terrier, Taji, after many months of battling skin and tissue allergies.  She suffered from tremendous itching, swelling, skin bumps and even conjunctivitis that developed into an ulcer in one eye. With the help of dietary alteration and testing, we learned she needed thyroid and allergy meds.  I was especially surprised to learn how simple changes in diet mitigated a major cause of her painful condition.  His diagnosis and treatment were right on target.


I am a healthy human in my 50's today due to preventive care and natural therapies that work with the body's ability to heal, practiced since I was a child.  I did not expect to find the veterinarian equivalent of the great natural physician that has been treating me for years, but I certainly have in Dr. Plechner, to whom I and Taji are most grateful." -Veronica B


What a great story regarding just one of the many families Dr. Plechner has helped.