The Cause and Treatment for Cancer in Animals and in Humans

Posted on August 15th, 2016

What is the definition of cancer?

Cancer is caused by the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells in different areas of the body.

After many years of clinical practice, I have found that all of the animals I have worked with and treated for cancer, all had elevated Total Estrogen.

The few human health care professionals I have had the pleasure of working with, all had cancer patients with elevated Total Estrogen also.

Total Estrogen measures all forms of estrogen that occur in the body including inner layer adrenal cortex estrogen.

Total estrogen is rarely ever measured in humans with cancer or with allergies and autoimmunity’s in general.

In males, whether animal or human, estradiol is thought to be the only form of estrogen found in their body.

This is an incomplete measurement of Total Estrogen which must be done.

There is a medical fear of having too much estrogen being produced in the body of the patients, because it has been proven that when a drop of estrogen is exposed to normal tissue, it will cause uncontrolled tissue growth.

Male animals and male humans can produce elevated amounts of estrogen from the inner layer adrenal cortex referred to as, the Zona Reticularis.

When I measured Total Estrogen in all my canine and feline cancer patients, they all had elevated Total Estrogen.

I have had the opportunity to share my findings with a few physicians regarding six different male patients that had prostate cancer.

All six human males had estradiol levels within the normal range and when I suggested that their physicians measure their Total Estrogen, all six prostate cancer males, had elevated levels of Total Estrogen.

A Total Estrogen level in a human male should be in the range from 80pgs./ml to 115pgs./ml.

All of the six men with prostate cancer had Total Estrogen levels in the 500 pgs./ml range!

In female animals, there is only one veterinary laboratory that has the ability to test for Total Estrogen. The other veterinary laboratories only check for estradiol which only identifies a portion of the Total Estrogen that is being produced in the body of these animal patients.

All the female animals with cancer I have tested, all had elevated amounts of Total Estrogen.

In the female human, normally only the three ovarian hormones are measured, which includes estradiol, estriole and estrone. Again, this is only a partial measurement of the Total estrogen that is being produced by the body.

Adrenal estrogen is not included! Without testing Total Estrogen, treating only the effects of allergies, autoimmunity and cancer makes no sense.

This is a very simple, very real reason why many chronic diseases in patients continue to hurt the patients ALS, MS, AIDS, Allergies, Autoimmune diseases and Cancer.

Why not at least test these patients for these various diseases including Alzheimer’s syndrome and various forms of mental diseases.

Why not include a total estrogen in the barrage of other hormone tests that seem to be intermediate hormones.


Total Estrogen can be tested at any time in postmenopausal women.

However if a woman is still menstruating, the Total Estrogen must be done at the end of her first week of her menstrual cycle, when her production of ovarian estrogen is at its lowest level.

The Total Estrogen should then be recheck again, at the time her ovarian estrogen has peaked. The difference will indicate adrenal estrogen.

Again, the professional health care physicians that shared their cancer patients with me, all had elevated Total Estrogen.

A number of years ago, I was given the opportunity, when I was lecturing at the Broda Barnes MD Research Foundation, to analyze test results for six postmenopausal woman who had breast cancer. Total Estrogens were not done at that time, but what was of interest was the fact that all six women had elevated androgen.

This is the woman’s counterpart to testosterone, and it comes out of the Zona Reticularis which is the same layer that produces Total Estrogen.

As I mentioned before, Total Estrogen was not measured but if it had been  measured it probably would have been elevated.

Why does Total Estrogen become elevated?

The elevated Androgen and Total estrogen may occur, when there is some kind of damage to the middle layer adrenal cortex and its ability to produce proper, amounts of active cortisol.

The damage to the cortisol producing adrenal layer can occur due to genetics, trauma, medications, inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise, anesthesia, heavy metals, vaccines, toxins, chemotherapy and radiation etc.

All these inputs may cause a cortisol imbalance to occur.

NOTE: Please remember even if a cortisol measurement indicates an elevation, unless you compare it the cortisol to the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis and adrenal estrogen, you CAN NOT assume that the cortisol is active and can be used by the body of the patient.

Salivary and 24 hour urine tests are routinely done to determine how much free cortisol is present, but these test DO NOT tell you if these free hormones can be utilized by the patient’s body unless you compare then to what they should be doing in the body.

Sometimes a cortisol imbalance is referred to as Adrenal Fatigue which it is not, because only the middle layer has been damages and the other two layers of the adrenal cortex function normally.

Once a cortisol imbalance occurs, a domino effect happens with the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis and the resultant elevated adrenal estrogen will bind the receptor sites for the thyroid hormones.

This hormonal imbalance then leads to a loss of control of the immune system.

NOTE: It must be remembered that the endocrine system regulates the immune system.

This allows each allergy, autoimmune and cancer patient to receive different amounts of hormone until their immune system is reregulated. Identifying the immunoglobulins that are tested for with this test, will not only allow for the normalization of the B-lymphocyte production of its immunoglobulins and function, but also for the T-lymphocyte function will follow.

When this happens, allergies, autoimmunity and cancer will not occur.

For further information on this domino effect, please read multiple articles that are posted on this website under various categories.

Under GET HELP I have suggested blood tests for humans and for animals, in order to help determine the cause of cancer.

So far, medicine has counted on treating the EFFECTS of cancer and not the CAUSE.

These are only my thoughts.

STEP 1 Do the endocrine immune blood test and identify the cortisol imbalance the elevated Total Estrogen and the deregulated B-lymphocyte production of deficient immunoglobulins.   

STEP 2 The test will also identify immunoglobulin levels and when the IgA level in canines and felines is below 58 mgs,/dL, malabsorption of oral supplemental hormones will occur. In humans the level is usually around 65 mgs./dL.

STEP 3 If the IgA in animals and humans are above these IgA levels, oral cortisol replacement is indicated. I personally like to see Medrol used in humans and in animals but some physicians would rather use Dexamethasone which is fine.

I found after many years of trying natural Hydrocortisone, before clinical management occurred, side effects preceded. This also seems to be happening to many human patients that are on a Hydrocortisone supplement. Desiccated Sheep adrenal cortex was also used, and called ISOCORT which is no longer being manufactured.

For the treatment for a cortisol imbalance in humans and in animals, the following needs to be realized;

  • Medrol (methylprednisolone) is a zero on the water retention scale.
  • Prednisolone and Prednisone is a 1 on the water retention scale.
  • Hydrocortisones are a 2 on the water retention scale.

NOTE; There will always be a concern about a steroid supplement causing an adverse reaction in the liver. Please realize that Prednisone must be converted in the liver to Prednisolone.

Also other cortisol replacements like CORTEF, may be corn based and if used, you need to be guaranteed that the corn they use in their base, is not GMO corn.

STEP 4 If the IgA level is below the necessary absorption level, then intramuscular levels of a cortisol replacement are indicated.

In animals I use a combination of Kenalog and Depomedrol is used and depending how far below the patient’s IgA is, will determine how many intramuscular injections will be needed at a 10 day interval, in order to bring the patient’s IgA up to 58 mg/dL and allow for oral supplementation.

NOTE: The endocrine immune test will also measure thyroid hormone which in animals, may have their receptor site bound by the elevated estrogen indicating a thyroid supplement may be needed. This may also be the case with humans also, but a Reverse T3 must be measured in humans, because if the Total Estrogen is elevated, usually the Reverse T3 will also be elevated.

When this situation occurs, unless the Total Estrogen is reduced, putting human patient on T4 supplement will only be turned into more Reverse T3.

A recent human patient, with an elevated Total Estrogen and elevated Reverse T3, taking an oral cortisol replacement, noted that as her the Total Estrogen decreased, so did her Reverse T3.

In humans, the physician has the choice of using either Kenalog, which has shorter half-life or Depomedrol, which has a longer half-life. Both will fund the negative feedback to the Hypothalamic- Pituitary axis and reduce the Adrenal Estrogen.

Once the IgA level has reached the point of absorption, the allergy, autoimmune and cancer patient can begin a daily oral cortisol, replacement regimen.

Another recent human patient I was involved with her physician, had massive open, mammary carcinoma with metastatic lesions.

She did start my protocol.

The patient is postmenopausal and had a total estrogen of 123pgs./ml which should have been 40 pg/ml. or less and her IgA was in the 60 range..

A Kenalog injection was given by her physician, which only lasted a few weeks and her Total Estrogen decreased only to 103 pg/ml., but it did decrease.

Because of her allergic sinusitis, that often accompanies this imbalance, her ENT physician gave her 40 mgs. of Depomedrol.

2 to 3 weeks after receiving her Depomedrol injection,, her Total Estrogen had dropped to 66 and her IgA level had increased to 215 mg./dL. She is now ready for oral Medrol which her physician will decide on the level and in two weeks, recheck her endocrine immune levels for modification.

Imbalanced cortisol, that causes the patient to have elevated adrenal estrogen, is the cause of allergy, autoimmunity and cancer!

Because the medical profession has not discovered this yet, does not mean it does not exist.

Once the cancer has occurred, even correcting the endocrine immune imbalance which caused the uncontrolled tissue growth, may not be enough.

Correcting this imbalance helps stop a reoccurrence of cancer, but often the remaining tumors are resistant to hormone therapy, even though the endocrine immune imbalance has been corrected.

In order to reduce and remove the remaining tumors, the following treatments may help

  • Often remaining tumors will be destroyed with specific radiation called Tomo radiation.
  • Excision for the remaining tumor is also an option.
  • Aromatase inhibitors are often used and their side effects may be worse than what they are supposed to do.

NOTE: Aromatase is an enzyme found in different tissue in the body but mainly in the fatty tissue of the body, that will turn female androgen and male Testosterone into more estrogen.

This is my concern with males and females taking Testosterone injections and transdermals of Testosterone.

To make sure the Testosterone supplement is actually increasing deficient Testosterone levels a patient MUST first have their testosterone levels and their Total Estrogen levels measured.

Once the testosterone supplement is taken, they need to recheck their testosterone level and their Total Estrogen to make sure their Aromatase did not turn the testosterone into more estrogen which might cause allergy, autoimmunity and cancer.

Since the side effects of this aromatase inhibitor may be so serious for the patient, it would best to first measure the patient’s aromatase level before prescribing the Aromatase inhibitor.

  • Chemotherapy, besides causing the patient many side effects it may destroy the already deregulated immune system, and there still will remain, an imbalanced endocrine system and now that both systems are damaged,  the chemo therapy may only make the imbalances worse.
  • Estrogen blockers have been used for many years like Tomoxifen, Toremifene and Fulvestrant

It is not to say do not to use them, but I personally believe by reducing the source of the excess adrenal estrogen, will work much better for the patient.

  • Every cancer must avoid foods that either contain Phytoestrogens and chemical estrogens referred to as xenoestrogens.

Did you know that soy bean products and flaxseed products contain the plant estrogens called phytoestrogens?

Apples, carrots and sweet potatoes are very high in pesticides called xenoestrogens. These are estrogen mimickers like ROUND UP and other estrogen mimicking chemicals.

Hopefully organic apples, carrots and sweet potatoes will not contain the xenoestrogen pesticides.

  • When a cancer cell grows, it uses glucose, which is metabolized into an acid environment which, allows the cancer cell to grow and spread.

Certain kinds of natural clay deposits, referred to as calcium montmorillinites, when taken orally, will help the body to become alkaline and not only slow down the tumor growth, but also the tumor spread. I will have a new book on all the attributes that come from using Living Clay soon.

These are only my thoughts for over 48 years of practice and my only hope is that someday, someone in the world of medicine, may find my years of study and major successes, interesting enough, to research them.

I am only a simple veterinary clinician, and I will always treat every patient I have, to the best of my ability.

Evidenced-based medicine requires double blind studies, as many medical journals also do. For evidenced-based medicine to even consider my research, as a practicing veterinary clinician, I would need to allow 50 % of my patient’s to fail, in order to be able to share my findings and publish in an evidenced-based medical journal. This will never happen!

Fortunately I have been published in human journals like Medical Hypothesis, Townsend Letter and the Journal of Toxicology.

These are only my thoughts and hopefully they will help you and your pet properly, identify the Cause of allergy, autoimmunity and cancer, as well as treating the CAUSE of all these chronic, catastrophic diseases and not just try to treat their EFFECTS.


Dr. AL Plechner


Medrol works best for canines and Prednisolone works best for felines.

Supplementing a daily cortisol supplement seems to work best with Medrol however Dexamethasone is a consideration. For humans, their physician can make the decision.

I am offering my clinical findings to those patients that need to look at the CAUSE of their cancer.