The Cause of Metabolic Hypothyroidism in Humans and Animals

Posted on May 17th, 2016


Have you and your animals been overweight and no matter how you both diet and exercise, it makes very little difference?

Often doing the standard thyroid panel tests, they will be normal however as a person you may be overweight as your pet may also be overweight and you are chilled, and both you and your pet seem to catch more colds and flu than other people and pets do, you may both have a metabolic hypothyroidism that has not been diagnosed.

Please realize that you and your pet may exhibit the same signs and symptoms even though standard blood testing may never reveal your problem.

There is a very good chance that because your total (adrenal) estrogen in both you and your pet have not been measured, even though the thyroid tests for both you and your pet are within the normal range does not mean either you or your pets body can utilize these normal thyroid levels!

This unfortunately, is a little known fact and often you and your pet are told you are normal when you know you neither of you are.

In humans, before you get out of bed in the morning, it is easy to put a thermometer under your arm pit for a short while and if your temperature is below 97.6, you have a low metabolic temperature and may need a thyroid supplement even if your thyroid hormone levels are normal.

It still may not be realized because this is probably due to an elevated, total estrogen which is blocking your thyroid receptor sites and invalidates your body’s ability to use your thyroid hormone.

This also is the same for dogs and cats.

This axillary test seems not to work the same way in your pet however the elevated total estrogen can be measured and will also block the receptor sites of their thyroid and cause the same types of metabolic hypothyroidism even though their thyroid hormone levels were normal.

In people, it has been proven that elevated (adrenal) estrogen will cause the production of a Reverse T3 that will bind the receptor sites of the thyroid hormone.

Even though the same situation occurs in animals, a Reverse T3 has never been measured and some other mechanism may create the same imbalance.

Please realize that the normal estrogen levels that are usually done are only partial and do not include total estrogen, which includes adrenal estrogen.

If this is the case for yourself, and you are only given a T4 supplement, the elevated total (adrenal) estrogen will cause the T4 supplement to be turned into to more Reverse T4 and make you feel even worse.

In this instance, you may want to have your health care professional prescribe for you a T3 supplements that will not be turned into a Reverse T3.

Please remember, if you feel like your thyroid is not working for you or your pet, please realize that if both of your thyroid hormone levels are normal, without measuring total (adrenal) estrogen, your health care professional will not realize that both your bodies cannot use these hormones until both your total estrogens have been reduced to normal.

If this seems of interest to you and you might think either you or your pet may suffer from this endocrine immune imbalance, please go to for more information on how to treat metabolic hypothyroidism.

These are only my thoughts, and I do hope they help.


Dr. AL Plechner