Cancer Commentary for the World Today

Posted on February 7th, 2013

As the world seems to deteriorate because of man’s needs to succeed and out think why we were created, it makes me thankful to have been born a veterinarian.

As humans and animals are exposed to inbreeding and a manmade altered environment, cancer has become increased, yet no one seems to know the why.

The medical professions can analyze the effects of cancer, but still have very little idea why this uncontrolled tissue growth occurs.

The medical profession is concerned that elevated estrogen may be involved yet all the medical profession knows is that they are only measuring the three ovarian estrogens in females and only measuring estradiol measures total estrogen, but it does not measure total estrogen..

Finding this out as a veterinarian, has allowed me to begin to look at the real cause of cancer in people and in animals.

I have patients that have been spayed and neutered that still have elevated inner layer adrenal estrogen however total estrogen is rarely measured unless the health care professionals are aware of Plechner’s Syndrome which has not yet surfaced for medical understanding and treatment.

Often with human males with prostate cancer, their estrogen levels are normal when only estradiol is measured, but when total estrogen is measured, those levels are much higher than the norm for total estrogen which is 80 to 115 units in adult, human males.

Often post-menopausal human females seem to be low in estradiol and it is suggested that they go on an estrogen supplement because their estradiol has been reduced.

Without measuring total estrogen in a post- menopausal woman, she may be placed on an estrogen supplement which may just cause her to develop cancer.

Also what has not been recognized is that if the IgA level in the patient has not been measured and not  corrected, no matter what your findings may be, the patient may not be able to absorb the estrogen supplement.

This is the reason why a patient in the hospital, is on IV antibiotics and are sent home on the same antibiotic and it does not work!

No one ever measured the IgA levels of this patient to make sure that patient can absorb that antibiotic through the gut!

Please also realize that with any hormone supplement, you need to realize that is there is a slower metabolism in the patient and because of this, hormone supplementation might just turn into an overdose because it is not broken down by the liver and excreted by the kidneys in a timely manner.

This is something you as health care professionals for people and animals need to think about.

What I have found over years of clinical practice, is that providing a patient with an identifiable hormone imbalance, supplementation seems to need thyroid hormone to make sure that hormone replacement remains as a physiological dose and does not become an overdose.

Increasing the metabolic action of the liver and kidneys will help to keep the hormone replacement as a physiological replacement.

It is apparent that the use of hormone replacement is still not well understood.

These are only my thoughts and I hope this adds to our ability to help our patients.


Dr. AL Plechner

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