Cancer: What is the Cause of Cancer?

Posted on March 17th, 2017

Cancer = the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body.

Old cancer cells do not die, and instead grow out of control and form abnormal cells.

These enlarging cells cause a tissue trend, called a mass or tumor and with the potential of invading other parts of the body.

The following is a listed of the various cancers that can occur in a human body:

. Anal cancer

. Bladder cancer

. Bone cancer

. Breast cancer

. Cervical cancer

. Colon cancer

. Colorectal cancer

. Endometrial cancer

. Kidney cancer

. Leukemia

. Liver cancer

. Lymphoma

. Lymphoma of skin

. Malignant mesothelioma

. Malignant melanoma

. Mast cell skin cancer

. Multiple myeloma

. Nasal cavity and sinus cancer

. Neuroblastoma

. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

. Ovarian cancer

. Osteogenic sarcoma

. Pancreatic cancer

. Pituitary cancer

. Prostate cancer

. Salivary gland cancer

. Skin cancer

. Small intestine cancer

. Stomach cancer

. Stomach cancer

. Testicular cancer

. Thyroid cancer

. Vaginal cancer

. Vulvar cancer

. Uterine cancer

. Wilms cancer

What are the causes thought be for developing cancer for cancer?

The following are said to cause cancer:

. Chemicals

. Diet

. Lack of exercise

. Infection

. Radiation

. Heredity

. Physical agents

. Hormones diseases

. A number of different immune diseases

The following are thought to be patho-physiology diseases that are caused by cancer:

. Genetics

. Epidemics

. Metastasis

The following are the methods used to control and to treat cases of cancer:

. Chemotherapy

. Radiation

. Surgery

. Palliative care

. Immunotherapy

. Alternative methods

I have found in my clinical veterinary practice that all autoimmune and cancer patients have an endocrine (hormonal) imbalance that is easily identified and measured with an endocrine immune blood test.

That test is as follows:

. Cortisol

. Total (adrenal) estrogen

. T3 (triiodothyronine)

. T4 (thyroxin)

. Immunoglobulin A

. Immunoglobulin M

. Immunoglobulin G

Unfortunately this imbalance has not been realized, but when these values are measured, there is a definite endocrine immune imbalance that causes uncontrolled tissue growth.

Hopefully the day will come when this endocrine immune blood tests will be standard for all autoimmune and cancer patients, whether human or animal.

The test is merely to identify an endocrine immune balance that has caused the autoimmunity or cancer, but is not to replace the standard autoimmune and cancer therapy.

Hopefully this simple blood test will aid in the healing of an autoimmune or cancer patient.


Dr. Al Plechner