Cancer and Auto-Immunity

Posted on August 15th, 2016

The medical profession is treating the affects of Cancer and Auto-immunity aggressively, and are making gains. However did you ever wonder what caused cancer and auto-immunity? Every patient I have been involved with, whether dogs, cats, horses or people, all have an identifiable, hormonal antibody imbalance. Every one of these patients with either cancer or auto-immunity has an active cortisol imbalance, elevated adrenal estrogen, with ovarian estrogen, if the patient, is still going through ovulation. The elevated estrogen level, not only blocks the available use of thyroid hormones, but deregulates the immune system, so that these cells not only do not protect the body, but lose recognition of self tissue and turn against the body’s own tissue.

It is not only important to treat the effects of cancer and auto-immunity, but even more important, to identify the cause of the disease. Without treating the cause, even if the effects are corrected, what is going to stop the disease from reoccurring, if the cause is not identified and corrected?

My frustrations, causing me to leave practice for a while, was that no one would consider my Syndrome, which does work. Correcting my Syndrome in a patient, that already has a disorder, may help. For those of you, with yourself or your pet, waiting for the inevitable to occur, whether because of the family history or DNA studies, is unnecessary. If you or your pet, have a family history of cancer or auto immunity, your best prevention, is to correct Plechner’s Syndrome before the effect occurs.

Please check the publication button on the home page for more information on doing the correct test with the correct laboratory.   Remember, everyone doing this kind of research may have a ‘TREE”,

but none of them have the “FOREST”. What about our wonderful children, that are so brave, facing cancer and auto-immunity?  Why do they have to ask for their final wishes, before they have to leave this earth? Why can’t someone ask their physicians to consider an alternative? It is very simple, just to add another tube of blood, to see if this syndrome is present and will make a difference? This is a simple blood test that might save a child’s life! If this is your child, why not at least look at this possibility? How can you not do this? I want those children to be able to live life to its fullest. They are already trying to do this and trying to justify life, before their death. Trust me, we all love these children, that are experiencing all those things that we hope, will never happen to ourselves and to our children There may be a better way and you need to realize this. An unhappy statistic should never be the answer to cancer and auto-immunity and will never replace a human or animal life. Please consider what I have found, and use it to the fullest. I am old, tired and not believed, but I do speak the truth.

Dr. A. J. Plechner