"Dr. Plechner's Corner" is a compilation of veterinary and animal research articles by
Al Plechner, DVM.  Some of the articles found in this section are also co-authored with other colleagues as well.


What is the Cause of Autoimmunity and Cancer in Animals and Humans?

There is so much information known about treating the effects of autoimmunity and cancer in animals and in humans, and definite thoughts about why these diseases occur, but no real measurable cause. Over the past 50 years of practice, I have discovered an endocrine immune imbalance that seems to be the cause of autoimmunity and […]

Did You Realize There is a Measurable Endocrine Immune Blood Test that Identifies the Cause of Allergies, AutoImmunity and Cancer in Humans and Animals?

During my past 50 years of dealing with allergies, autoimmunity and cancer, I have been able to identify the fact that they all seem to occur mainly due to the development of an endocrine immune imbalance. Doing complete blood counts (CBC) and Blood Chemistries may help identify important changes that have occurred in the bodies […]

Autoimmunity: Why do Humans and Canines develop Autoimmune Diseases?

An autoimmune disease is caused by a self-response reaction that is made against their own healthy tissue. Any diseases that result from this abnormal response by the body have the ability to cause an autoimmune response. The abnormal response deals with the production of an immune response occurring against self tissue. Currently an autoimmune disease […]

Cancer: What is the Cause of Cancer?

Cancer = the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Old cancer cells do not die, and instead grow out of control and form abnormal cells. These enlarging cells cause a tissue trend, called a mass or tumor and with the potential of invading other parts of the body. The following is a listed […]

How Can Stress Create Different Diseases?

What is stress? The internet describes stress as the following. Stress occurs when there is a state of mental or emotional stress, or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. When the body goes into a state of stress, the body can become agitated and aggressive and cause the body’s main response to be […]

Obesity: Why Has Dieting and Exercise Not Helped?

Many Americans and their pets have been facing obesity problems, for many years. Strict dieting with special nutritional programs and special exercise programs seem to be of little value for many people that are trying to lose excess weight. Many people have consulted their physician for themselves and their veterinarian for their obese dog, thyroid […]

Elevated Adrenal Estrogen is Merely an Effect Which Causes Many Different Chronic Diseases in Humans and Animals

Where does the adrenal estrogen come from and why can it be elevated? Adrenal estrogen originates from the inner layer adrenal cortex called the Zona Reticularis. When quantities of adrenal estrogen become elevated, it is because of the middle layer adrenal cortex referred to as the Zona Fasciculata,  producing either deficient of defective amounts of […]

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