Are We Beginning to Experience a Genetic Ice Age?

Posted on February 3rd, 2016

For many years, I have clinically viewed the creation of what I have called the Genetic Ice Age.

The Genetic Ice Age may occur for many different reasons.

In animals, the reason the Genetic Ice Age mainly occurs is due to inbreeding that feral populations of animals and humans have created.

This was noted many years ago by professionals in Africa.

The African Game Department realized it was necessary to protect the predators in Africa, so they would chase the animals around and avoid one male and his offspring from becoming the dominate mate, and causing the gene pool to become too close. I do have an article on the genetics of California Bighorn sheep on my website. Note: For more information on this inbreeding problem, please go to my website, and under PERSONAL GOALS, please scroll down to California Bighorn Sheep.

I noted this in Bighorn sheep many years ago, and realized since our native wild sheep could no longer roam because of fences and highways, they became inbred, because the dominate ram and his offspring sexually serviced all the ewes.

I did receive notification many, many years ago from the Chicago Zoo, that a Bighorn ewe had delivered an offspring that died from pneumonia from an immune deficiency. This was the beginning of my studies of the Genetic Ice Age,

Our pets have very little function left anymore, except for those groups that breed for function and compete with the results of their breeding, in function trials.

When the gene pool becomes too close, an endocrine immune (hormone antibody) imbalance will occur.

This was recognized years ago, and did happen when close relatives married and all kinds of genetic defects occurred.

Unfortunately, with today’s environmental exposure for animals and humans, inflammation and oxidative stress can create free radicals that can also change genetics by damaging DNA, through their destructive, cellular effects.

Unfortunately, the majority of pet owners do not realize what happens when the genes of their pet become damaged or the gene pool becomes too close because of breeding practices. For more information on inbreeding, please go to and under Dr. Plechner’s Corner, please read the following articles; Are Today’s Practices Causing Our Pets to Die Early in Life? And Canine Breeding Practices.

For a dog, cat and horse, to have a special color or structural feature, inbreeding must occur, and that only happen usually through line breeding.

Veterinary Science defines Line Breeding as a selective breeding that produces individuals possessing one or more of the favorable characteristics of their common ancestor. This means breeding grandfather to granddaughter and so on.

There are those pet owners that do care, and want to make a difference. Unfortunately, they are far outweighed by those pet owners that want to glean something from their pet, whether it is a ribbon, a trophy or selling their offspring.

Unfortunately, the human population of the world faces this same Genetic Ice Age, hopefully for different reasons.

Humans and animals are faced with a world of chemical exposures that can and will alter their genetic makeup.

Chemicals and radiation are just the beginning of genetic gene altering.

With today’s concern about proper oxidative metabolism, damaging free radicals, inflammation, metabolic blockers, genetically modified foods and an array of pollutants, are causing even more damage to all the necessary biochemical, enzymatic, and oxidative processes that are vital for the body’s ability to maintain good health. This has become even more important now than it had been several years ago, before human convenience became more important than human and animal health. For more information on oxidation, damaging free radicals and inflammation, please go to and read the article entitled, The Importance and Relationship Between, Oxidation, Free Radicals and inflammation.

What about vaccines, stress, anesthetics, improper diet and exercise, medications, and supplements, plus chemicals, environmental pollutants and radiation exposure?

Prevention for good health has moved into a need, for a defense for good health.

These all can lead to gene mutations and the development of diseases that should have never happened.

This Genetic Ice Age has been better recorded in animals, because their life span is generally much shorter than that of a human.

It is important to realize, certain damaged genetics that will determine specific diseases, are being passed on in humans and animals.

This type of thinking may not be accepted just yet, but please tell me why family histories, often indicate breast cancer in all the generations of human females?

Why do many men that are related, develop prostate cancer?

Doesn’t it sound like somewhere, and somehow, there is an inherited, genetic defect?

Animals and people can be tested for what they may have been exposed to, but how did that exposure modify their body and cause that disease to occur?

I have pondered over this question for almost 50 years.

Since I am only a veterinary clinician and do not have the means to test the various chromosomes, genes and gene mapping in my patients in order to find out how my patients may have been altered, I have found a simple serum, blood test that will indicate how these genes have changed the body’s ability to fight off disease and have altered the endocrine immune (hormone antibody) regulation of their body.

The genetic damage that is incurred to the body of both humans and animals, begins with an alteration of the production of a natural, adrenal hormone, referred to as cortisol.

When this happens, through genetics or improper environmental invasions, the cortisol becomes imbalanced, and the pituitary gland loses its recognition of the deficient, bound or defective cortisol.

When this occurs, the pituitary gland will continue producing its hormone referred to as ACTH, which will stimulate the inner layer adrenal cortex to produce excess amounts of adrenal estrogen.

Unfortunately, total estrogen is not generally measured in humans or in animals.

Hopefully, the medical community realizes elevated estrogen will cause allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

Have you ever realized why your immune system has lost recognition of self-tissue and caused a condition the medical profession refers to as autoimmunity?

The answer is easy.

The elevated estrogen deregulates the immune system and causes the immune system to be deregulated and lose recognition of self-tissue, including other medical problems like cancer.

If any members of your family including your pet suffer from allergies, autoimmunity or cancer, please go to and under GET HELP, you will find an Animal and Human Protocol for your use.

Hopefully this will provide you with all the information you need to get started.

Please do not remain a victim of an unhappy genetic inheritance or an unplanned genetic alteration, because there is something you can do about it for both you and your pet

Please do not let yourself or your pet become a victim of the Genetic Ice Age.

These are only my thoughts, and I hope they help you, your family and your pet to remain happier and healthier.


Dr. AL Plechner