An Anonymous Pet Owner’s Thoughts About Dr. Plechner’s Treatment for SARDS, as Opposed to the Treatment by Carolyn Levin

Posted on May 23rd, 2016

There has been many questions as to whether Dr. Plechner’s syndrome is the syndrome that should be used, but his treatment is definitely not the same treatment that veterinarians refer to nurse, Caroline Levin.

I do know, what Dr. Plechner has discovered for my veterinarian, but it works very well, because my dog has her vison back.

Paula Cook had realized that Caroline Levin’s treatment for SARDS, as an ophthalmic nurse, is very different from Dr. Plechner’s treatment, however, if the Levin treatment does not work, Dr. Plechner will be blamed for this failure, even though his treatment program is definitely different.

If he had nothing to do with a case and its therapy, he still will be blamed, if the Levin treatment did not work

I have been told that Carolyn Levin believes that SARDS is caused by a retinal spasm and not a T lymphocyte, cytotoxic destruction, based by a deregulated T-Lymphocyte, that has lost recognition of self-tissue, based upon a cortisol, adrenal estrogen imbalance that Dr. Plechner has discovered.

I could care less what worked, as a pet owner, as long as my pet, has their vision returned.

Dr. Plechner has spoken to me, about helping Caroline Levin’s dog, many years ago, when she was going to the Berry Hill Animal Hospital, in Oregon City, Oregon.

She was seeing Dr. Jim Simpson, for treatment, which apparently worked well, using Dr. Plechner’s protocol.

Dr. Simpson apparently contacted Dr. Plechner, in order to let him know several times, that Caroline Levin, was very interested in his findings, which Dr. Plechner thought, was fine.

Caroline Levin has adopted Dr. Plechner’s findings, and has designed her own treatment program, as a nurse.

I had not realized, that Caroline Levin had published a number of clinical articles, referencing other scientific papers, published by board certified, veterinary ophthalmologists.

I found it a little strange that Dr. Plechner’s papers were not referenced, apparently because the veterinary academies, did not feel, Dr. Plechner, did not meet the specifications for publishing in a veterinary journal, which requires double blind studies.

I did discuss this with Dr. Plechner, who said he was disappointed that that he could not provide clinical cases for these veterinary experts to even review, unless he provided them with double blind studies, and presented his cases in a scientific form.

Knowing Dr. Plechner, I realize he will always treat every patient to the best of his ability, and would never lower himself to do double blinds studies, merely to write a paper for a veterinary journal.

I can understand where he is coming from, because if my dog had been on the wrong end of a double blind study, she might not be a live today.

Dr. Plechner has said to me, that he is glad he has been able to practice for 50 years, when treating your patients was more important, then treating your wallet.

These veterinary ophatlamologists that seem not to have the education, to even understand what Dr. Plechner has discovered, not only animals, but also for humans, seem not to care, even if his treatments are making a difference for many patients, all around the world.

What ever happened to veterinary medicine, when a clinician would discover something of importance clinically, and the scientific community would rally around his findings, and help prove or disprove, his findings?

Dr. Plechner believes that the day is here in veterinary medicine, when if you are not specialized, there will be no place for veterinary clinicians, unless it is to refer all their cases to these academic geniuses, because we as clinicians, do not have the proper training or ability, to apparently, treat our patient’s correctly.

From what I have learned from Dr. Plechner, Caroline Levin cares about SARDs patients, and all she is trying to do, is offer some treatment suggestions, as opposed to having the veterinary ophthalmologists, once they have diagnosed SARDS with a flat line ERG, tell the owners, there is no treatment for SARDS, “Go home and learn how to and live with a blind dog”.

I respect what Caroline Levin is doing, because she is better educated then many of the veterinary ophthalmologists, and, if they cared, they would want to learn, but this is definitely not the case.

Carolyn Levin, does have a bestselling book that will help you Learn How to live with a Blind Dog. You can find this on line.

Dorie Stratton has designed a simple face mask, hoop with a vets,, that will help blind animals from bumping in to things. She can be contacted at

I know Dr. Plechner has sent his Abstract, showing 33 SARDS cases to the American Animal Hospital Association for their TREND magazine.

He also sent the same article about a SARDS to a veterinarian that has a research grant that was being applied for,` from the North Carolina School of Veterinary Medicine, that was looking for volunteers, to help with her grant.

I did e-mail her and never had a response back.

I know Dr. Plechner has published several papers in MD, PHD Journals, and years ago, he was allowed to publish in veterinary journals, including 6 books about his clinical findings. He cannot now publish in veterinary journals, without double blind studies, which he will never do as a clinicians, but he will keep publishing in the MD Journals, because they seem to care more for their patients,, then our evidenced based, veterinary specialists.

What he has related to me about using Caroline Levin’s protocol, Dr. Plechner has suggested, the following changes for Caroline Levin’s protocol.

1) If the SARDS patient has an IgA below 58 mg/DL, please realize that oral steroids will not be absorbed, except for side effects.

2) If an IgA level is below 58 mg/dL, injections of a steroid are indicated, whether short or long acting, until the IgA has reached 58 mg/dL, and oral steroids will not be absorbed.

Dr. Plechner has also related the fact to me, that 35 years ago, when he was not able to figure out a way for absorption to occur due to a low IgA at that time, he prescribed Azulidine, or Sulfasoxizine to help with absorption.

Since then, 35 years later he realized, that any sulfa bearing compounds, in the face of an autoimmune disease, which includes SARDS, will allow the sulfa to coat the surface of the red blood cells and allow the body to remove these red blood cells, as foreign materials.

Please realize, Caroline Levin has stepped over line, in only trying to help treat SARDS patients. She really does care.

Incase her therapy or Dr. Plechner’s therapy for SARDS may have been started too late, in correcting the endocrine immune imbalance, the endocrine imbalance correction, will help stop the development, of other autoimmune diseases and cancer, from happening.

Hopefully this article will indicate the difference in treatment, between my protocol and Carolyn Levin’s protocol and I hope you know, we are both trying to make a difference for our patients.


Dr. AL Plechner