Adrenal Estrogen’s Vicious Cycle

Posted on February 1st, 2017

The medical profession is very concerned with the catastrophic effects and diseases that may occur, due to the bodies production of elevated amounts of estrogen or estrogens.

However, standard medical practices only measure three ovarian estrogens in woman, which includes estradiol, estrone, and estriole; while in men and animals they usually only measure estradiol.

There seems to be a lack of realization that there can be excessive amounts of estrogen being produced by the inner layer adrenal cortex, and rarely is this adrenal (total) estrogen measured.

NOTE: The human and veterinary laboratories that are measuring adrenal estrogen will determine these levels under the laboratory classification of total estrogen. Certain laboratories are beginning to change the total estrogen classification over to a classification of adrenal estrogen.

I have wondered over the years why adrenal estrogen has not been considered as an important source of estrogen?

In going to the internet and researching the history of estrogen I found an interesting fact.

Apparently in the mid 1940’s, a prominent human laboratory made the decision for the medical profession that the human body only produced 3 types of estrogen and they were estradiol, estrone and estriole. There was no mention of adrenal estrogen and possibly this is the reason why adrenal estrogen is usually not measured.

The medical and veterinary professions often believe that if a hormone is measured as a empirical level which is within the normal range, that this hormone is active and can be utilized in the body. This is very questionable, without doing comparative endocrine immune levels to determine if that empirical amount of hormone that is being produced, is actually active and can be utilized by the body.

I have found clinically, that by doing comparative endocrine immune values, they will indicate whether that hormone that is being produced by the body is active, and can be actually used by the body.

What also needs to be realized, is that the endocrine system regulates the immune system and the immune system normally does not operate independently.

The medical and veterinary professions both are afraid to use long term steroids for different medical disorders, even if the patients is producing a defiant or defective cortisol. Many years ago, when a medical researcher at a major medical center treated an arthritis patients with ongoing steroid therapy, major side effects occurred, and their therapy was stopped.

Thereafter, the use of steroids and their reports claimed cortisone acetate was a dangerous substance, even though the patient had a cortisol imbalance and replacement therapy worked, it was believed that the cortisone acetate should never be used again.

A Nobel Prize was awarded to the researcher for his discoveries originally before all the side effects occurred.

I do not believe cortisone acetate is still being produced.

Other synthetic steroid products have been designed to reduce these side effects if that steroid is used correctly.

It seems as though certain medical vectors, even when they may be wrong, seem to regulate our lives and our pet’s lives anyway.

You may be familiar with the B vitamin deficiency due to decreased amounts of Biotin.

This is a Biotin deficiency medical vector that came from 200 years ago, from a person in France that lived only on cabernet wine and 21 raw eggs a day.

There is an enzyme in raw eggs that will destroy Biotin and this is the medical vector that has survived for all these years from this particular person.

NOTE: The medical profession realizes that raw egg whites contain a Biotin inhibitor, which is only destroyed by heat.

It is vital for proper endocrine immune surveillance for the humans and animal to produce a certain amount of middle layer adrenal cortisol if they hope to remain healthy and not develop allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

It has become apparent with my own studies, that most catastrophic diseases have a middle layer adrenal cortex that is producing either deficient, defective or bound amounts, of cortisol.

I have completed over 90,000 endocrine immune blood tests on canines, felines and equines that had severe allergies, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

All these animals were tested after their ovaries and testicles were removed and they all had elevated amounts of adrenal estrogen.

The only way to determine this is by doing this endocrine immune blood test which can be found on by going to and reading about Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome (ACEIS) or testing for the following endocrine immune values:


Adrenal (Total) estrogen






After doing the testing and finding that the adrenal estrogen is elevated, how does this create the Adrenal Estrogen’s, Vicious Cycle?

This Vicious cycle begins with the production of a deficient or defective cortisol that is produced in the middle layer adrenal cortex.

The production of normal cortisol can definitely be affected by genetics, age, and many different, environmental inputs.

Some of these environmental inputs are as follows:

. Toxins,

, Chemicals

. Xenoestrogens (estrogen mimicking chemicals)

, Phytoestrogens (Plant estrogens)

. Alcohol

. Various medications

, Vaccines

. Anesthesia

. Certain nutrients,

. Dental amalgams, with mercury.

. Other damaging heavy metals

. Contaminated water

. Radiation

. Petrochemicals

, GMO food products.

. Glyphosates, etc.

I have found that all of these inputs seem to affect the middle layer adrenal cortex and reduce its ability to produce proper amounts of normal cortisol, in order to fund the negative feedback involved with the hypothalamic-pituitary axis.

In my opinion the middle layer adrenal cortex might be considered to be the Achilles’ Tendon of the body.

This is how this Adrenal Estrogen’s Vicious Cycle begins.

Once the middle layer adrenal cortex production of cortisol becomes deficient, defective or bound, the hypothalamus continues releasing its hormone Corticotropin Releasing Factor (CRF) and this will cause the pituitary gland to release its hormone, referred to as Adreno-Corticotropic Hormone (ACTH), in order for the middle layer adrenal cortex, to produce and release, more active cortisol.

When the middle layer adrenal cortex cannot release more amounts of active cortisol, the inner layer adrenal cortex will respond in a direct feedback mechanism to the CRF and the ACTH, which will cause the production and release of excess amounts of adrenal estrogen and female hormone called androgen.

This is when the elevated total (adrenal) estrogen than begins to change the endocrine immune surveillance which is so necessary to maintain good health.

What changes does the elevated adrenal estrogen actually do?

The following are a list of those changes:

  The elevated adrenal estrogen causes inflammation of all

  the endothelial cells that line the arteries in the patients.

  The medical profession believes that Alzheimer’s patients

  have an inflammation of their cerebral arteries. Certain

  coronary heart diseases are caused by the precipitation

  causing occlusion of the coronary vessels due to

  arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis.  I wonder if this might

  occur due to inflammation of the endothelial cells that line the

  coronary arteries?

  When estrogen is exposed to normal tissue in a Petri dish, the

  normal tissue begins to grow.

  The elevated adrenal estrogen will invalidate the patient’s use

  of thyroid hormones.

  It will deregulate the immune system and cause the following;

  • It will cause the B and T-lymphocyte not to perform their duties and will not protect the patient against bacterial and viral diseases.
  • It will cause the immune cell to lose recognition of self-tissue and may cause autoimmunity.
  • It will cause the B-lymphocyte lose reduce its production of immunoglobulins (antibodies). When this occurs, the deficiency in the mucous membrane immunoglobulin in the gut will cause malabsorption, especially for oral cortisol supplements. This immunoglobulin is referred to as IgA.

Note: If you Google The Importance of IgA with my name, a complete IgA discussion is available.

My clinical studies have identified the fact that in canines and felines the IgA level must be at 58 mg/dL or higher for normal absorption to occur. In humans, this level must be at 68 mg/dL or higher for normal absorption to occur.

NOTE: This may be the reason why hospitalized patients do well on intramuscular and intravenous medications, however when they are sent home on the same oral medication, they do not do well, because of the malabsorption the deficient IgA causes.

As I mentioned earlier, because of the elevated adrenal estrogen, a deregulation of the T-lymphocyte will occur, and the patient’s body, will not be protected against viruses.

Many years ago, I was allowed to have my endocrine immune testing done on 6 men in Chicago with AIDS, and they all had a cortisol imbalance with an elevated adrenal estrogen.

Wouldn’t you think this a test that should be done on all patients that have been exposed to the HIV virus and possibly done on patients that are suffering from chronic  B and C type, hepatic viruses?

My clinical studies have indicated that all cats that are exposed to the FELV, FIV and FIP viruses, can only develop the disease if they have this endocrine immune imbalance.

Even those felines that test positive for any of these retroviruses, once the cortisol imbalance has been corrected and the adrenal estrogen reduced to normal levels, the feline will often shed the virus.

However if the imbalance is not corrected, the positive virus will continue into the actual disease.

This may be the reason why an HIV positive patient with this imbalance will continue on an develop AIDS.

The T cell, when deregulated, will also not protect against molds and fungi, and this is why many women with elevated amounts of adrenal estrogen, may develop a chronic Candida infection.

In my clinical studies, if an ongoing steroid replacement is being used in a human, canine, feline or equine, a thyroid supplement must be used, in order to increase, the metabolism of the liver and kidneys and help with the breakdown and excretion of the cortisol supplement and the adrenal estrogen in a 24 hour period, otherwise without using a thyroid supplement with a cortisol supplement, the cortisol will not be broken down and excreted in a 24 hour period, and will become a pharmacological, over dose.

The medical information for humans has advanced to the point when most human practitioners realize that if the adrenal (total estrogen) is elevated, the patient’s body may produce a Reverse T3.

When this happens, the patient’s thyroid hormones may be empirically normal, but the thyroid hormones cannot be used by the body.

In this instance the patient has a metabolic hypothyroidism even though the levels of their thyroid hormones are normal.

Obviously, if a T4 supplement is prescribed, often the results will have little effect if any, because the elevated total estrogen will cause the T4 supplement to be converted into more Reverse T3.

The estrogenic block for the use of thyroid hormone further protects the Adrenal Estrogen’s Vicious Cycle, by reducing the metabolism of the liver and kidney, which in turn, will reduce the breakdown and excretion of the elevated total estrogen.

The elevated total estrogen will further deregulate the B and T lymphocytes, so that the B and T lymphocyte will lose further recognition of self-tissue and may make autoantibodies and cytotoxic damage, to normal body tissues.

I believe this endocrine immune imbalance which causes the development of the Adrenal, Estrogen’s Vicious Cycle, is a major reason why humans and animals develop autoimmunity and cancer.

This is may be why when humans and animals that are hospitalized on IV or IM medications, do very well until they are sent home on the same oral medication, and they begin to develop their original disease, again.

Many times a different oral medication may be prescribed, but it also may not be absorbed, based upon a low IgA.

This is also why, when the B-lymphocyte production of immunoglobulins is deficient, giving a vaccine may not create protective antibodies in a human or in an animal.

Many years ago, each human infant was challenged with a scratch test at one year of age in order to see if that infant had produced protective antibodies and if they did not, an ACEIS  blood test would have been definitely indicated.

In a young animal, once the primary vaccines have been completed, a blood titer test can be done to see if the young animal responded correctly to the vaccines and if protective antibodies had been created.

Today, there is are indications, that even if the subject has not produced measureable protective antibodies, their T- lymphocyte may still be creating a cytotoxic protection for them.

A child or young animal with this endocrine immune imbalance might only be hurt by a vaccine, because the imbalance may allow the vaccine material to be treated as foreign invader to this imbalanced system, besides not producing protective antibodies.                                                                                                                       

Much of this Adrenal Estrogen’s Vicious Cycle will continue, because of a lack of understanding and realization that this cycle does exist

When the elevated total (adrenal) estrogen occurs and binds thyroid, an increase in fatty tissue may occur, which contains increased levels of aromatase, which is an enzymes in the fatty tissue, that converts androgen into estrone and testosterone into estradiol.

This is why it is vital for a male that is thinking about taking a testosterone supplement, should first measure his estradiol and testosterone before taking the supplement.

Two to three weeks after he have taken the testosterone supplement, he should re measure, both testosterone and estradiol, in order to make sure his testosterone supplement has not caused him to have an increased amount of estradiol.

However, I really believe that by understanding this endocrine immune imbalance, will help survive the future, not only for ourselves and for our families, but also for our pets.

Hopefully my thoughts will help create some new thinking.


Dr. AL Plechner