By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

We will always be the most important country in the world in my mind, but only if we believe in ourselves.

Unfortunately are own attitude has created a different America that does not reflect our American intent or our American dream.

We have gone from a democracy of having the opportunity to accomplish anything we want to to a society that that believes that our country owes us our existence and that our government has an obligation to do so.

There is such an inequality between ethnic groups, but what ever happened to taking care of America?

It is hard for me to realize that all the people that have come from foreign countries that had a life that failed them there, and came to America to escape their present life, and those of the “silent majority” here in America that believe they can sit back and seem not to care about the change that has happened, need to realize that all of us, whether born here or immigrated from elsewhere, now live in the best country of the world.

Why can’t you see you need to take care of your country and beliefs and not let them disappear from the greatest country in the world.?

The time has come to work with the present that should have never happened and be your own person and be something for your country instead of for yourself, because nowhere else in the world, would you be allowed to live this kind of life.

Unfortunately, our politicians only represent themselves and their parties and not you and I.

So based upon the media, and hoping whomever we vote for, America will survive, but the truth is all we have to vote for is the best of the worst that may not represent ourselves and our America.

There should never be an issue of ethnics but only an issue of what will make America better.

The time has come to not only bring our troops home to protect America, but also to say hello to our neighbors and realize we all have something in common, which is living in the best country in the world which is America.

Trust me, without living in America you would never have what you have now, and if you want to keep it, the time has come to invest in our country and not just yourself.

These are only my hopes and some of my thoughts but I do know there is a better way if only Americans will listen.

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