By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

First, the damaged nuclear reactor needs to be immediately covered with a combination calcium montmorillinite and cement.

This will definitely reduce the radioactivity being released into the environment.

Second, those people that will be working close to a damaged reactor will first need to cover their bodies with a poultice made from safe water and calcium montmorillinite before wearing their protective armor.

The first responders did this at Chernobyl and never developed radiation sickness unlike the first responders at the Fukushima nuclear meltdown and all developed radiation sickness which caused many of the first responders to die.

Third, government agencies will need to supply all those people that have been exposed to or soon may be exposed to excess the radiation, tablets or powder containing calcium montmorillinite to be taken twice daily.

Other countries that have people that have been exposed to a nuclear meltdown have incorporated calcium montmorillinite in their health bars for daily use by the radioactively challenged consumer.

Calcium montmorillinite bathes are also very important particularly for those people that have had direct radiation exposure.

Fourth, is providing calcium montmorillinite for the household pets, because the pet or pets may have had the same radiation exposure that their owners, experienced.

Fifth, is realizing that all the food animals and plants also have received an overdose of radiation.

It is highly important to add calcium montmorillinite to all animal feed and also to the soils that grow the plants both we and our animals eat, to help neutralize the radiation that may occur in the food products produced in a state or country that has undergone a nuclear meltdown.

Many of the food products proceed from meltdown countries are being banned from importation.

Sixth, which is equally important is that the food products that have been exposed to a nuclear meltdown need to be Nuclear Cleansed by using a calcium montmorillinite before any of these food products can be consumed by the residents of the meltdown or even be exported to other states or to other parts of the world.

Here on the west coast of the United States, there are reports of some yellow fin tuna that have increased levels of radiation probably from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown.

At this time, those reported levels are not high enough to be concerned about, but certainly worth thinking about.

This is merely my opinion and my overview.

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