By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

If you realize, that many of those countries that have suffered the effects of a nuclear meltdown, all have used or are considering using a calcium montmorillinite to mix with cement and bury the damaged nuclear reactor to reduce and neutralize the effects of radiation that is being released into the environment.

Why not consider building a reinforced cover made of this special montmorillinite mixed with cement possibly two to three feet thick over all the preexisting buildings that enclose the nuclear reactors, to insure that very little non neutralized radiation escapes into the environment?

I personally believe this concept should be incorporated into any new nuclear plants that are being created because we need the energy these plants produce without the dangers they pose.

All locations that house nuclear reactors should have several tons of the calcium montmorillinite close at hand, in case of a nuclear reactor breakdown in order to help stop further radiation leaking into the environment.

Since we all are concerned about our possible exposure to radiation from our own country and also foreign countries, what will be the best way to protect ourselves, our family and our pets?

What I have done is make sure myself, family and pets take pills or powder twice daily to ready our systems for radiation exposure, by taking a calcium montmorillinite that successfully will neutralize radiation as well as toxins, harmful bacteria and heavy metals before they make a major health input on our systems.

Bathes and facials with calcium montmorillinite, not only will neutralize the effects of toxins, harmful bacteria, heavy metals and radiation, but further protects our bodies from a nuclear meltdown.

I think doing this prevention may definitely be more important for those of you who live within a 25 miles of a nuclear reactor.

Many people living within a 100 miles of a nuclear reactor are still very concerned since wind can be a huge factor.

With my family, I would rather have their bodies prepared for a nuclear disaster ahead of time, to help stop all the catastrophic effects that occur with a nuclear meltdown, a nuclear warhead or an atomic or hydrogen bomb.

Remember the life you save may be yours, your family’s life and the life of your pet.

As a clinical veterinary practitioner, my entire medical career has been involved with prevention.

What you have read are only my thoughts and my opinions, and I hope what I have written will make sense to many of you.

These are just some of my thoughts.

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