I received a wonderful notification from Lynn O’Shannessy, that she had named one of hybrid orchids Plechner’s Pride to thank me for helping her with one of her many rescues that she does for the National Airedale Rescue Association.

I believe her gift occurred because Lynn knew that I made my financial way through high school and college by raising orchids and selling them as corsages to the local schools and colleges for special occasions.

Hopefully you will appreciate the picture of this orchid as much as I do.

I believe Lynn also knew that I also trained bonsai for the Osaki family that had a commercial concern to also help me gain more knowledge while still financially funding my education.

By now, I am sure you realize that I am also a frustrated farmer.

Trying to help living things will always be my life.

They were all put here for a reason and we all need to appreciate why they are here!