Another wonderful gift that was given to me was to become a veterinary wildlife conservationist.

I created a safe haven for indigenous species of wildlife in the Santa Monica Mountains when I realized the various Fish and Game organizations had no place to release these captured species that would end in their demise in a habitat that could not support their existence.

This was the beginning of one of my involvement to help make a difference for wildlife.

I bought some property and created Stone Wood Meadows to help captured wildlife species and it also helped other nonprofit wildlife treatment and rehabilitation facilities to be recognized and used, and it also helped me to make sure that wildlife and their habitat would be more important the environmental recreation.

Please read the Battle of Stone Wood Meadows with the California Coastal Commission and realize that productive people in the environment are much more qualified than most government commissions when I comes to wildlife habitat and wildlife survival.

This should never be a political issue!

At this time I had practiced for 30 years and was the volunteer immunologist for the California Bighorn Sheep Society.

Finally, my family and myself have come to rest in Northern Idaho, with a location between 1 million acres of State timber and my wildlife again.

Hopefully the pictures will justify our efforts.

My son Jay and I have tried to enhance the habitat we live in for our wildlife and for our timber.

We have planted a myriad of seeds that not only feed all of the variety of wildlife that live here but our seeds also add nitrogen to the soil for better growth for our vegetation and timber.

The calcium montmorillinite, natural supplement that we have provided for our wildlife has brought a calf to a moose cow that has been barren for over two years.

The elk cows and deer does are now having twins and triplets.

We will continue our work until the end.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and remember you were created to “leave more than you take” in whatever capacity you were given.

My last thoughts about the hormone regulation of the immune system are only this.

The world knows what I have created, but the medical profession does not.

These are just some of my thoughts that I would like to share with you, and I thank Julie Kramer for creating the opportunity to do so with an outstanding website.

Remember, there will always be a better way if you let it happen.

Dr. AL Plechner.