Dr. Plechner and his dogs

My family and my being given the opportunity to be a veterinarian have been the greatest gifts of my entire life.

I cherish the time that I have been given to spend with both.

I truly believe that the future of our world lies with our children and their animals.

My granddaughter Jayden exemplifies this for me.

Hopefully some of these pictures that I share with you will indicate my feelings.

For me to see her innocent, wonderful love for her animals only further justifies my beliefs.

So many times at night, when I lay awake, hoping that what I have found medically, will help to find a new direction for better health for animals and people, and I am consoled by the vision of Jayden and her big dog Jack and her other animal friends.

This gives me the confidence that I know I am proceeding in the right direction.

I hope you will also enjoy the pictures of Jayden and her animals and why they will help our world improve.

Jayden and dog

Jayden and dog